Building a stronger Digital World with Symbio

3 minute read, posted on 02/05/2021, by VXI Marketing

Digital World with Symbio

The year 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in the industry. The adaption and actions of different businesses on how to effectively approach the digital world has taken into the effect of the new normal have made a drastic change to everyone. Several factors from different companies and employees changed their overview on how they work and adjust to the new normal. People struggle to adjust and be comfortable with their daily activities and even such business people who work from the comfort of their own home.

Symbio, VXI’s Award-Winning Digital Services Subsidiary, introduces the importance of designing and building the technology to bring outstanding benefits to companies such as BPO companies, the automotive industry, and tech-related opportunities. Symbio has multiple categories and opportunities for every industry. They provide excellent CX development solutions that move towards creating possibilities such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and exploring new ways of providing exemplary digital services from great developers and teams.

Jarkko Kemppainen, Symbio’s CTO and head of the Innovation Team, explains how they conceptualize and design solutions for every company to improve their delivery and overcome the challenges that they usually experience. “It’s a man process where you are free to innovate.”, says Jarkko Kemppainen on how Symbio dives into the conceptualization process and its design solutions for better and stronger technology:

  1. Explore the possibilities of the new product or technology
  2. Know the intellectual properties of tangible products and testable prototypes
  3. Create amazing experience and opportunities

Symbio employs multiple techniques to approaching solutions that improve the technological side of the business. One of the philosophies of Symbio is the process of lean start-up. Lean start-up is a method that introduces a certain technology or products based on the market’s personality and desires. This is an important process as different companies or channels try to figure out the things needed by the company and the customers. Symbio has been preparing for developing digital tools and services for VXI customer experience such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural intelligence, and elevating VXI Solutions to the next level.

Many in the customer care industry have also immersed in different technologies such as voice man analysis and video transformation as customer agent conversation with people is not just a business communication. Because of the new technologies, people can feel the connection, not just a formal communication. All of that has now been compressed by building immersive experiences, whether they involve 3D, AR, VR, Augmented Reality, and virtual reality.

Symbio also introduced some of the best technologies emerging in the automotive industry. They have provided excellent solutions to the customer such as center consoles, mobile apps, and other digital improvements, that merges those technologies into several automotive infotainment units and center controls.

2020 lead people and businesses to a stronger world by merging our capabilities to enter into much better technologies that we can experience in the following years. The future has arrived bringing a better digital approach to the industry. Building a stronger digital world amidst the current situation gives us hope and opportunity to adjust and introduce digital transformation as essential to the world and the business.

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