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Tier 1 and Tier 2 inbound customer service handling live orders, general inquiries, scheduling concerns, navigation, order issues, payment basics, appeasements, refunds and activation of new driver partners.


Chat, email and voice

Products Supported

Customer service and billing handling, general inquiries, activations, trips scheduling, navigation, orders, payments, complaints, appeasements and refunds.


With demonstrated success supporting drivers via chat and later voice, VXI was the clear choice to support this client in its venture into food delivery service. As this secondary line of business ramped in 2016, VXI never lost sight of its mandate to continually improve results and handle increasing volumes and scale on the ride-sharing support side of the business.

The client’s goal was to achieve a holistic, customer-centric solution focusing on continuous improvement. This, combined with a quality and efficiency focus that would improve performance against KPIs and deliver an exceptional customer experience, is what VXI does best!


At a high level, VXI promoted a “concierge” mentality, treating inquiries with the utmost care and sensitivity. In addition to the soft skills, VXI realized that deep-dive analyses and reporting would be the best way to identify the root cause of service dissatisfaction and detractors.

Bottom-performing agents were identified based on their CSAT scores and average handle time (AHT). These agents then underwent focused coaching in areas such as call control, pushbacks and escalations, customer profiling, multitasking, product knowledge, call handling and temperature checking.

This remediation program yielded an average increase of 14% in CSAT for individuals enrolled in the remediation and an average handle time decrease of 48 seconds. Most importantly, customer satisfaction scores stayed consistently above 90% and the number of driver activations dramatically increased – resulting in higher revenue for the client.


  • Number 1 provider for inbound voice service in customer experience and resolution metrics
  • Number 1 provider for inbound email service
  • On the food-delivery chat line of business, CSAT rose to an unprecedented 99.37%!

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