Retail Triumph in Telesales

Achieving 100% of Goals through Better Employee Engagement


Inbound and outbound customer service and sales support



Products Supported

Voice over IP hardware and service.


Improving sales conversion and driving more revenue was the main challenge this client brought to VXI. To improve both inbound sales conversion while increasing renewals and sign ups through outbound sales required hyper-effective agent training and performance management. VXI leadership knew we needed an effective strategy to support our agents in communicating the features and benefits of a relatively unique technology.


VXI crafted a playbook approach that included onboarding and training using VXI Training Simulator and a performance success plan (PSP) for tenured but underperforming agents. In addition, VXI focused on employee engagement activities to improve agent morale and to address performance roadblocks in a timely manner. We also instituted regular coaching sessions with tenured agents to minimize fluctuations in performance. Operations managers and associate directors conducted random spot checks and sessions to gather agent feedback. 

Finally, for improved visibility, VXI implemented an internal tracking system to monitor sales real time and call out agents who were not meeting, or who were in danger of falling short of, their sales targets.


  • 100% key performance indicator (KPI) pass rate of VXI and client goals
  • 33% average monthly conversion against a 20% target
  • Monthly average of 9,212 units sold against the average monthly sales target of 7,354 units during a 6-month period
  • Annualized attrition at 10.91% vs. 18.00% threshold
  • 94% employee satisfaction rating

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