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How to prevent ‘speed dating’ syndrome in procurement

For services that are key to your brand image and vital to your organization’s success, procurement professionals have an opportunity to provide real-time, game-changing value to their stakeholders.

Going from omnichannel to channel-less CX

How can we prepare for the future of the customer experience (CX) when we don’t even know what that looks like yet?

Are seasonal peaks still souring your festive season? More tips to consider for 2019

If you’re looking to preserve customer loyalty, here are some key approaches to tap into as part of your overall strategy for peak period call management next year.

Challenges with your seasonal peaks? Tips for better CX next year

The following tips are a few approaches that have worked successfully for many of our clients.

Harnessing the power of bots in hospitality

The applications for chatbots in the hospitality industry will only continue to grow, however incorporating bots into your customer service mix doesn’t come without its challenges.

Ramp up your holiday season CX – for half the price

Unhappy customers, lost revenue, stress levels through the roof. Sound familiar? Just think of the possibilities if you could spend HALF that amount, but still provide customers with faster, smarter service.

How to understand and leverage your digital opportunities

I’ve always said change is good. It can be stressful when it’s nipping at your heels - but when technological evolution and innovative ideas collide, your path can lead toward transformations in customer experience (CX) and expectations.

How to get your organization wired for agile CX

How can you afford to remain tied to legacy systems that lack the agility required in today’s world? Answer – You Can’t

Five CX takeaways from the luxury brand experience

What can we take from the luxury goods in-store experience to apply to a travel brand’s customer experience (CX) over the phone?

Are loyalty programs a waste of time - and money?

There’s a great deal of focus on loyalty programs in the hospitality industry today – and no wonder. Hotels face increasingly intense industry competition, and with the need to combat the growing impact of online travel agent (OTA) bookings, hoteliers are focused on ensuring that it’s their properties, their services, that are forefront in customers’ minds.

Why you can’t afford to ignore this customer-value rule

Today's challenge: In a world of ubiquitous connectivity, where everyone has a voice that can reverberate as far as their community and their social network will carry it, you can’t simply focus on customer lifetime value. We need to be focusing on lifetime network value.

Customer loyalty: Let’s have a data-driven conversation

The drive to become data-driven pervades so many conversations we have with travel and hospitality clients today. Here’s the sobering reality every travel & hospitality company should pay attention to.

Beyond the call center – the value your partners should deliver

AHT, NPS, CSAT - the metrics that drive customer experience operations are well-known. But it’s the thinking and the intent that goes beyond the purely operational considerations that, in our experience, delivers transformational value for our client-partners.

Here are three key things you should be demanding of your next customer experience (CX) partner.

80% of Americans believe this is what makes a great CX

Today, we need to be interacting with our customers when and where they need us to – not just how it best suits the business. Failing to do so is risking everything.

How to harness the power of Millennials for better CX

By 2025, millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. Here's how to leverage their unique characteristics for increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Three customer-care conversations you need to have in 2019

Once the “uncool kid” of the party, the contact center has found new fame in heralding the customer journey – and customer service experts have become pivotal to the experience, employing new tools and technology to give your customers what they need, when they need it.

Getting past the challenge of driving REAL diversity

Here are a few quick takeaways that can be applied toward the challenge of fostering diverse workplaces as a whole

Why diversity isn’t just another box to tick – let’s talk ROI

Diversity is a hot topic in boardrooms today. Companies with above-average diversity experience see 19% points higher innovation revenues and 9% points higher earnings before interest (EBIT) margins.

The iceberg that’s killing so many customer conversion rates

Instead of focusing on what’s visible, you need to get under the waterline to truly drive value

What your customers want from loyalty programs

Customers today are more demanding than ever before as loyalty programs become part of the nondifferentiated status quo

How to get past the CX innovation puzzle

The drive towards innovation can result in a prickly situation for many customer experience (CX) leaders. The clients I’m talking to are increasingly giving voice to this consistent problem.

Four key air travel innovations you’ll want to watch

More than ever, changes in the airline industry are impacting tourism as a whole, as travel becomes a more accessible experience globally. These customer experience (CX) innovations are worth a watch to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with air travel.

Three hospitality trends to inform your 2019

Now is not the time to sit back and enjoy the generous returns – which is why we’re calling out three trends to consider as you shape your strategy for the coming year.

Will coopetition be your next big CX move?

Many organizations are partnering to leverage big tech’s digital expertise. Others are playing the waiting game, to avoid collaborating with what might become their most deadly competitor. Where do you stand?

Do your partners ‘get’ innovation? Ask these four questions

While innovation from within is crucial, I’d go even further to say you need to be pioneering innovation across your entire value chain. Here’s what you need to be demanding of your partners in 2019.

How to beat 50% of your competitors in the customer loyalty arena

Everyone’s talking about driving a more data-driven customer experience (CX) - but is this all just talk? A scary 52% of organizations rely on educated guesses or ‘gut feelings’ to make business decisions.

To bot or not to bot – the promise and pitfalls

Chatbots are a consistently hot topic in customer (CX) – and rightly so. According to Gartner, by 2020, daily interactions with chatbots will be normal, and 30% of internet browsing will be done through a bot, rather than a screen.

Why your CX can’t afford to ignore the ‘soft’ skills

It’s no secret that digital disruption across all industries is in full swing. And yet, regardless of improvements in technology or digitization, customers still want a human customer experience.
Here are three soft skills that HBR advocates won’t be replaced by technology anytime soon – and why they’re so important to your customer experience (CX).