Your Source: Latest Industry News for October 21, 2019

What’s the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on outsourcing activity? Which Philippine cities have the strongest BPO growth potential outside Metro Manila? How do you provide a consistent customer experience in an environment of mergers and acquisitions?

From India to Jamaica, and just about everywhere in between, VXI brings you our latest roundup of industry headlines from around the globe.

1. Outsourcing Cuts Costs and Boosts Competitively Labour Secretary Tells Business Forum
2. Outsourcing Industry on Track to Set Single-Year Record for Contract Volume, ISG Momentum® Report Finds
3. Great Things Are Happening in Jamaica
4. BPO Expansion Hastens Next Wave Cities’ Growth
5. With Mergers and Acquisitions, Customer Experience Is the Key to Success
6. Despite Ban on New Ecozones, BPO Take-up Seen to Drive Office Demand in Metro Manila
7. How Rural BPO Centres in Bihar Are Opening New Doors for Girls