Through our comprehensive suite of customer engagement solutions and a diverse and agile workforce, VXI helps our clients stay ahead of the curve. Our service capabilities include:

Through its socially driven mission, Chime Solutions cultivated talent in underserved communities, reducing unemployment rates, and delivering high-touch, high-impact customer care solutions across a wide array of industries.

The asset acquisition of Chime Solutions reaffirms VXI’s commitment to maintaining a balanced service portfolio while investing in progressive operating models that elevate the employee experience and deliver long-term value for our clients.


For businesses looking to amplify their corporate social responsibility and supplier diversity initiatives, VXI offers the ability to procure high-value services domestically, while supporting socially conscious community development.
It’s a business model with a domino effect. By creating one job, three more follow by investing in underserved areas with the highest unemployment rates.

25-50% Unemployment Reduction

Reduce Unemployment in Under-Resourced Communities

Impact is not just about volunteer days and feel-good statements. It’s about embedding purpose-driven behaviors throughout our organization to drive transformational change in our communities and within the industry. We have to set a foundation for folks to thrive socially so that when they come to work, they come fully engaged.

-Mark Wilson, Chief Impact Officer



It’s something Mark Wilson (Chime’s former CEO & founder)  is passionate about. As VXI’s newly appointed Chief Impact Officer, Mark will continue to drive community-impact across the U.S. and on a global scale.

Outsource with purpose.

At VXI, we believe that while talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to bridge the gap, connecting corporations with top talent in underserved communities to create jobs and deliver high-quality, socially driven customer experiences (CX).

Through the asset acquisition of Chime Solutions, VXI is combining the strengths of two minority-owned businesses to help our clients achieve a dual mission: provide exceptional customer care while serving as a catalyst for economic growth and social impact.

Together, VXI offers a differentiated business model and a winning value proposition that allows companies to succeed, individuals to flourish, and communities to thrive.

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Every 1 Job Generates 2.5 Jobs


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Transforming Customer Service, 
Lives, & 
Helping Communities Thrive.  


At VXI, our people are our secret sauce. Our teams believe investing in comprehensive employee development initiatives and fostering a culture of passion, engagement, and inclusivity are key to supporting legendary customer experiences. 

It’s time to change the way we do business. Learn how we can help elevate experiences, impact communities, and help employees thrive. 

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Transforming Customer Service, Empowering Lives, & Helping Communities Thrive.   

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