How do we deliver more with less?

How do we deliver more with less?

The next revolution in customer engagement

Things that worked in the early 2000s don’t now. Your customers expect you to not only to keep up with their needs – but be front-footed in innovating tomorrow’s customer experience. How can you keep up, without breaking the budget?
At VXI not only do we bring the best people, but we tool them up with the best technology to help you make breakthrough efficiency gains. Agents augmented by technology – not replaced by it.

We’re proud of the fact that we build our own technology. Because it’s been built by contact center experts, for contact center experts, it’s like the technology YOU would build, if you could. And it’s our “secret sauce”.

Our clients include some of the world’s most demanding technology companies and industry leaders. Whether you’re a global enterprise looking to break the mould, or a dynamic startup set on changing the world, our software development teams will deliver exceptional results every single time.

Take a look at the case studies below for examples of how we’ve helped clients execute a step-change in thinking.

Our Solution

9% increase

In NPS for world leading money transfer company

11% decrease

in AHT for Top Communications & Media Company

8% increase

in customer loyalty for Global Telecommunications Company

Let us invest in your customers today, so you can focus on what’s coming next tomorrow.

Organizations today are under pressure to make meaningful change, while on the hook for today’s results. Are you struggling to do both? Trust us to worry about TODAY – freeing you and your best people to work on developing the breakthrough strategy for TOMORROW.

Whether its 50 seats or 5,000 seats, purely transactional or or deeply complex – you can trust us, we’ve got this. Just ask our client base.

VXI has a track record of earning our clients’ trust. We thrive in a multi-vendor environment and consistently rank as a top supplier on the basis of our service delivery excellence, operational practices, and change management capabilities. Clients who are leaders in their region and in their industry initiate giving VXI more business as a result of consistent high operational performance.

We have established relationships with clients, not just as a contact center, but as a seamless extension of their own workforce.

Our Solution

$125 million

in incremental revenue for Global Telecommunications Company

Client tenure of 20 years

As long as we’ve existed!

Growth fuelled by trust & performance

we earn the right to be a partner

Positioned on the edge of change.

Disruption is rampant in today’s industries. Competitive edge comes from not only succeeding for your customers today, but preparing for the customer experience of tomorrow. How can you prepare for this disruption on the ground?

It’s more than focusing on your current internal processes – the big disruptions for your industry are going to come from the outside. This means an outside in approach, resulting in new skills, new rhythms and new processes to thrive. That’s where we come in.

We’re positioned on the edge of change. By carefully building out our internal technology development capability and honing our innovation assets – we are committed to staying at the forefront. Data driven processes allow us to provide you with actionable insight for change, and we’ll work with you to ensure you’re ready for what’s coming next. How, you ask? Have a look at past examples below of how we’ve worked with clients to deal with disruption.

Our Solution

Joint innovation centre

“beyond the shell” with vehicle manufacturers

Product Design and Development

Delivering new revenue streams to global banks

AI and Robotics

Powered warehousing and logistics

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