Reclaim your customers

Car accident, death of a loved one, damage to a home. These moment-of-truth touchpoints are fraught with emotion and critical to the customer experience with your brand. We can help you gain customer trust and loyalty and beat the competition with best-in-class experiences.

Proven Success

  • Decades of success designing, building, implementing and operating innovative customer engagement solutions
  • Best-trained and coached advisors in the industry, with our unique, in-house-developed technology giving us a distinct performance advantage    
  • Consistently ranked the highest performing partner in multi-vendor environments    

Our Customer Experience Solutions for Insurance Companies

  • Customer care and support
  • Inbound and outbound sales support
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Self-service web platform
  • Mobile applications

Industry Challenges and VXI's Solutions

  1. Win the moment of truth

    Improve customer loyalty and drive renewals by resolving problems, advocating for customers and helping them get their needs met.

  2. Outperform the competition

    Design and deliver transformative customer experiences that set your company apart from the rest of market.

  3. Deliver convenience

    Offer a digital experience that perfectly complements your human one.

Have you thought about how customer service aligns to customer success?