We’re in the Business of Creating Legendary Social Media Experiences 

Social media customer service is public-facing. Every conversation your brand has with a consumer can be read by millions of people, ultimately making, or breaking your online brand reputation. Companies need to ensure their responses are authentic, personal, and within the brand voice. It’s no longer enough to be present and responsive, a new generation is engaging with your brand online, and they expect mind-blowing, memorable experiences. 

We’re in the
Business of Creating Legendary Social Media Experiences 

Why Legendary?

It’s very simple…

Legendary experiences are the ones that leave your customers wanting to invest and reinvest in your brand. A strong social media customer engagement strategy creates memorable support experiences and meaningful connections that launch a domino effect of positive shares, likes, and mentions. Today, achieving legendary requires a blend of human ingenuity and automation, paired with design thinking, strategy, and the ability to scale.

VXI's CX Advisory team combines over two decades of omnichannel contact center expertise with a flair for all things social. Our domain experts and practice leaders pair in-depth system enablement experience with years of operationalizing social media customer care programs to help our brand partners achieve industry-leading results.

Improved response rates

Decreased response time

Increased customer LTV

Improved NPS/CSAT 

Social Media Strategy & Consulting

Our team will evaluate your current state and conduct a benchmarking and gap assessment.

  • People Assessment
  • Process Mapping
  • Technology Assessment
  • Reporting / KPI Assessment

Next, our team will design a roadmap to achieve legendary and operationalize it at scale.

  • Recruiting Assessments
  • Training Creation
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Technology Optimization
  • Quality Scorecard
  • Reporting & Dashboards

Current State Assessment

Future State Design

Social Media Customer Care

Resolving More Issues in Channel, Fast.

Our team will monitor and engage both owned and earned mentions in search of common trends from customer service issues to frequently asked questions and complaints. Once uncovered, our team will react and respond using 5 key characteristics of legendary social care.

  • Speed & Delight
  • Personalization
  • Empathy or Acknowledgement
  • Resolution in Channel
  • Fun, Witty, Relatable & Memorable

Social Media Community Management & Moderation

Increase Growth Rate & Active Members

Our brand ambassadors will develop and nurture the community by participating in discussions, finding new customers, and listening to the current ones.

  • Day-to-Day Moderation | Rule Enforcement
  • Customer Management | Questions & Issues
  • Relationship Building | Experts & Influencers
  • Content Creation | Thought Leadership
  • Platform Management | Featured Answers

Social Insights, Listening & Triage

Decode the Voice of the Customer

Listen to the Voice of the Customer in the social media landscape and connect across the enterprise.  Share insights from competitors and product trends to inform operational business decisions. 

  • Get the Right Post to the Right Team
  • Protect the Brand, Mitigate a Crisis
  • Promote the Positive
  • Provide Insight Back to the Enterprise

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