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Applications & Solutions

Customer Care

Talent Match Pro™
To deliver the best experience, you have to recruit the best people. In customer care, that also means accounting for seasonality. Ramp faster with Talent Match Pro™. Easy to use and customizable, the tool offers a quicker, more accurate and efficient interviewing process - giving you access to the right people, at the right time.

  • Prioritizes candidates based on language, technical, and behavioral assessment scores
  • Increased applicant flow due to better/more accessible application experience
  • Reduces recruitment timeline with automated processes and responses with candidates.
  • With each class recruited, the tool becomes more efficient, fine tuning profiles resulting in improved attrition and program performance

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Training Simulation Tool

Studies show that while using traditional training methods, agents can forget up to 55% of knowledge just one hour after the training is completed. We know that training is critical to agent (and your customers’) success. That’s why we developed our cutting-edge Training Simulator Tool. VXI’s Training Simulation Tool is a turnkey technology solution that allows your front line personnel to interact with simulated customers and prospects in a completely risk free environment.

Providing scenario-based, hands-on experience, the tool increases speed to proficiency and knowledge retention, while reducing training duration. Classes trained with the VXI Training Simulation Tool have better customer satisfaction and sales results quicker, with less employee turnover.

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  • Captures your application’s interface, such as fields, labels, buttons, tables and menus to create a simulation that behaves and looks like the original application
  • Trainees learn faster using a self-paced, simulated mock call programmed on desktops Optimizes the training experience without navigating a live customer account
  • Trainees receive immediate coaching points and feedback pertaining to KPIs relevant to the interaction
  • Track learner progress using recorded scores and detailed simulation notes
  • Ensure consistency of learning across all trainees and scenarios
  • Content can be translated and localized for any country.

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Performance Pro 360

Accurate, high-quality and timely coaching is the foundation of success for any call center.
The problem is, it’s not always easy to ensure that your coaching efforts are aligned with what your customer’s need.
How do you know that you are delivering the right training, at the right time, to the agents who need it? How do you ensure that coaching is having a material impact on KPIs and performance?

It’s a problem that many of our clients found off the shelf tools didn’t solve. Which is why we developed Performance Pro 360 – a coaching tool designed by call center experts to meet the challenges that those of us in call centers face every day.

Designed to deliver customer experience organizations unparalleled visibility into their coaching process, Performance Pro 360 enables you to better deploy and manage all coaching interactions, and agent performance - no matter the size of your operation, your location, or even the device you use.

Effectively manage all coaching interactions with Performance Pro 360 right out of your PC, tablet or smartphone. Allowing you to drive high performance through a formalized system of individual accountability, our tool allows both you and your team succeed to your best ability.

  • Tracks performance
  • Drills down to site, team and agent performance and percentage of achievement based on weighted goal
  • View KPI scores by week, month and quarterly
  • Coaching form is online using digital signature as pin
  • Configures outliers by setting goals and ways to achieve them

Performance Pro 360 is the benchmark for transparency, efficiency and management of the processes that make the difference for you, your customers, and your staff.

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