Performance Pro 360

Performance Pro 360

Significant Reduction in Coaching Time

  • No additional prep work needed before coaching
  • All coaching forms are aligned
  • Average 20 minute saving per coaching session
  • Minimal variability in coaching time

Increase in Coaching Instances

  • Average coaching improves from 2 to 4 instances per team leader per day
  • Improved coverage of bottom performers leading to better performance management and improved goal attainment

Multi-Level Access

  • Leaders can have multiple permission that allows Administration view, Coach and L2 Manager view

User Friendly

  • Simple layout that can be easily learned by new Coaches/Team Managers
  • Functionality that allows Coaches to switch easily (with one or two clicks) from one interface to another


Coaching Templates

  • Has available built-in standard coaching templates
  • Allows Coaches/Team Managers to personalize their coaching template

Built-in Performance Results

  • Coaching Templates have automatic built-in performance results for agents MTD BPS performance
  • Customizable view of the performance view to show previous month’s results (up to the last three months)
  • PPro is integrated with Operation Rosters. Any movement of agent is automatically catered. Team Leaders can view all agents based on live roster
  • Agent’s performance is automatically transferred to all coaching forms, saving Team Leaders typing KPI results

Leadership Academy Processes

  • LA Coaching Tactics and processes are integrated in the tool
  • L2s can conduct their Process Confirmation and document results in the tool


  • Sites can build incentive plans in the tool including awarding merits and redemption of rewards

The Promise Audit Integration

  • The Promise form is inbuilt in PPro, for QA, TL to complete coaching rather than uploading the Promise Audits. The form is named as “Unified Coaching Form”. The form score is affected if any of the compliance behaviour is not met. PPro dashboard will also display each behaviors scores namely such as Warm Welcome, Discover etc plus the overall scores.
  • QA Teams uploads The Promise SOW Audits in PlayVox that coaches could associate with their coaching sessions

Integrated Follow Ups

  • PPro have various forms. Some forms like Weekly Performance Review, allows the coach to complete 1 week of coaching each week follows in one form. Any forms in PPro can be re-designed based on Ops submission and can have a new field add follow up and coaching results, feedback

Ease with Coaching Audits

  • PPro can export all contents of any forms for every site in a click of a button. This allows Managers to audit the coaching contents without the need of opening each forms


Chat and Social Media Function

  • Team Leaders and Manager can send out a Broadcast message to the entire site.
  • Team Members can chat with each other
  • User can leave a chat – available function
  • Users can send messages, Jpeg, Audio files and Microsoft files over chat channel
  • Ability for any team member to report any content that violates company policies and Procedure. Admin will receive an alert for immediate review
  • Ability for Team Leaders to monitor all chat –private, one of one of each team member. Remove any content and immediately trigger a coaching action related to the violation

Video Coaching Interaction

  • Team Leader can video any coaching interactions. The Coaching dashboard will highlight which coaching session have video associated to it
  • Team Leaders, Agents and Site Managers can view the video. Video can also be extracted as needed

Team Leaders Coaching Effectiveness

  • Each Team Leader will click the KPI the coaching is related to. The system will automatically count improvement of coaching from the time the coaching form moves to Acknowledge status
  • Improvement parameter can be set by each site.
  • PPro will give an insight by Team Leader effectiveness of coaching session

E-Learning Module

  • Ability for trainers to upload learning materials and assign training to agents
  • Ability for agents to complete quizzes related to a training material
  • Reports on completion rates
  • Ability for Coaches to assign training activity after each coaching. The coaching dashboard will indicate if a training task was assigned and if it was completed by the agent

Online Preparation of Huddle and Boards

  • Ability for Team Leaders to complete all huddle contents such as communications, Materials needs to be shared, Attendance
  • Ability for Agents to view previous huddle contents
  • Dashboard – Latest Huddle Summary