Antonette Corpus


Antonette joined VXI as a Director of Quality, Training, and Audit & Compliance in December 2010. Because of her great contributions in developing VXI’s tools such as Training Simulation, Global New Hire Application and Call Center Performance 360 she now spearheads IT Special Projects and Development Team.

Prior joining VXI, Antonette gained fifteen years of Call Centre experience while working in Sydney, Australia for a global financial credit card company. During the course of her career, she has held multiple roles in Call Center field where she has managed Business Continuity Development, Project Management specific to Call Centre Migration & Platform implementations, Process Improvement, Retention and Sale Strategies and Customer Experience Enhancement.

Antonette majored in Statistics and Computer Science at Macquarie University, Australia. She was trained in Six Sigma and was a CIAC Certified Operation Manager (CCOM) through International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), Maryland, USA.