Justin Payne


Justin Payne thrives in working in a fast paced environment that a BPO such as VXI Global Solutions provides by working on Sales and Service accounts. He has spent the past ten years with VXI going from working on 1 primary account as a managing director with 80% of the work in the US, to now working on multiple accounts across 4 different geo’s with now most of those accounts being outside of the US.

Justin is a calculated risk-taker with deep industry knowledge, he has started on the phones doing sales back in 1998 and as welcomed and accepted all challenges that has come along his way over the years which has taken him to where he career is now.  His current span of responsibilities include doing work for 3 different fortune 500 companies where work is being executed at 10 different locations, over 15 specific lines of business, with over 2,500 employees..

Throughout his 10-year tenure with VXI Global Solutions, Justin has built a reputation for driving exceptional sales and service performance by always being on top, innovating new business ideas and concepts to separate himself from his competition, while also maintaining top notch quality results.  Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and excellence, Justin has consistently proven that he has what it takes to get the job done.