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Via Tecolocoemat: VXI Guatemala seeks the personal development of its employees

In Guatemala, the call center and BPO market can become very competitive. The offer is wide and people can sometimes choose which company to belong to, as long as they have a high command of English as a second language.

So what makes the difference for a call center to stand out from the rest? This answer has been given by Jean-Pierre Wheelock, Country Director of VXI Guatemala.

“I am very proud that VXI has managed to implement many measures that separate us from the market. For our collaborators we have many benefits, including medical insurance for them and their families, discounts at universities, spacious and comfortable workspaces, medical care within our facilities, among other benefits ”, explains the director.

One of the great tools has been the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, by writer Stephen R. Covey. The book gives tips for personal improvement and achieving effectiveness. These seven habits are:

  1. Be proactive: do not hand over control of your own decisions to others, work on personal development, and influence those in your immediate environment.
  2. Start with the end in mind: have clear ideas of what you want to do and where to go to achieve it, in order to exercise personal leadership.
  3. Put first things first: prioritize, put what is truly important above what is urgent.
  4. Think win/win: forget the competition and work collaboratively. Not always, the victory of one must mean the defeat of the other.
  5. Before seeking to be understood, understand: learn to listen, understand others from their own perspective to avoid problems, and speed up solutions.
  6. Synergizing the whole is more than the sum of its parts: generating teamwork, which is based on trust, principles, generating creativity, innovation, and effectiveness.
  7. Sharpen the saw: it is a metaphor that is based on the idea that if we only dedicate ourselves to sawing without sharpening the saw, the moment will come when it will no longer allow us to continue. That is why, to be effective, investment, time, and desire are required.

“These habits are instilled in agents, through supervisors, and even operations managers. All our support is certified under this training because our idea at the end of the day is not only to have a good work environment but to create professionals not only in the workplace but also in their personal life”, emphasizes Wheelock.

Projects that have made a difference

In the last three years, more than 2,500 jobs have been provided that have impacted the same number of Guatemalan families. 92% of its leaders have grown within the company because they are looking for “committed talent, with the desire to grow, who see the future and do not take it as a temporary job but someone willing to grow with us”, emphasizes the director.

VXI Guatemala is also part of the call centers and BPO guild in Agexport and they have invested in the “Finishing School” program, which allows people to develop their skills in the English language in parallel with the operations carried out in the company.

Digital adaptation

The company also suffered the quarantine impacts generated by the COVID-19. However, Wheelock says they were able to adjust to the home office in a matter of 2-3 days. “We managed to ensure the health and economic future of our employees. 90% of our teams work from home and this has also been possible thanks to the excellent IT team that has managed to find the tools and solutions to maintain an excellent connection.” Explains the director.

With these technological advances, they ensure their permanence to meet their more than 632 collaborators in Guatemala and more than 35,000 in the other countries where they operate: the United States, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Guatemala.

“We hope that by the end of this year we can open 200 new positions to nurture the right environment for the development and future of the employees and the company”, Jean-Pierre Wheelock. Country Director of VXI Guatemala.

Source: http://tecolocoemat.prensalibre.com/notas/vxi/

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