VXI. We’ll take care of today - empowering you to innovate for tomorrow.

Let us invest in your customers today, giving you the oxygen, the space, the runway to dream up what comes next.


Let us invest in your customers today, giving you the oxygen, the space, the runway to dream up what comes next.


Our customers ask us...

How do we deliver more engaging experiences for our customers, at lower cost?

Customer expectations are outpacing increases in your budget. You need a step-change in performance and this requires a step-change in thinking. Here’s how you can keep up.

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9% increase

In NPS for world leading money transfer company

11% decrease

in AHT for Top Communications & Media Company

8% increase

in customer loyalty for Global Telecommunications Company

How do we keep the lights on,
while accelerating change?

How do we keep the lights on while accelerating change?

Organizations today are under pressure to make meaningful change, while on the hook for today’s results. Are you struggling to do both? Trust us to worry about TODAY – freeing you and your best people to work on developing the breakthrough strategy for TOMORROW.

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$125 million

in incremental revenue for Global Telecommunications Company

Client tenure of 20 years

As long as we’ve existed!

Growth fuelled by trust & performance

we earn the right to be a partner

How should we deal with disruption?

Today it’s omni-channel, AI and chatbots – tomorrow, well, who knows? Our founders have kept us at the forefront of technology change, to ensure we can keep you at the forefront of your industry. Here’s how we can help.

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Joint innovation centre

“beyond the shell” with vehicle manufacturers

Product Design and Development

Delivering new revenue streams to global banks

AI and Robotics

Powered warehousing and logistics

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“Trust is something gained because of consistent delivery of great work. VXI certainly does that, hence the complete trust.”

Vendor Partner Management Executive

“VXI is eager to gain the respect of their clients. They work in concert with their clients to achieve expectations and constantly strive for better.”

Vice President Digital Experience

“We greatly appreciate our partnership with VXI, their flexibility in making the relationship win-win, and the quest for continuous improvement in results our team consistently demonstrates.”

Vice President for Customer Care

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