It’s no longer as simple as you, or us. We’re in this together.

It’s co-sourced.

Customer Care

Experience & Advocacy

Customer Growth

Sales & Retention

Enabling Technology

Platforms & Tools

Digital Transformation

Innovation Co-Creation

At VXI we are founder-led. We have start-up DNA, the best people (really), and technology at our core.

We do things a bit differently

and here’s some reasons why you should care...


As with your industry, the contact center outsourcing
industry is also undergoing profound change.

Whereas the last era was very much about people being deployed at scale efficiently (Economies of Scale), we believe the next era is about driving Economies by Design. It is all about our ability to design how we’re best woven into the fabric of your business. There is no such thing as “stock standard” anymore.


Things are getting tough. Expectations are rapidly increasing,
and more of the same wont cut it.

This is not about throwing more people at a problem and hoping for a dramatically better outcome. You need a partner with a breakthrough mentality - that’s us.


You need someone that can move at the speed you need.

Our startup ethos is infused in every part of our business our founders still lead and lets us stay focused on what really matters - our customers.


But mostly, you need a partner to augment you, not replicate you.
This is about making you substantially better.

Be that by delivering better customer interactions, or being more adaptive to change, or substantially reducing costs - we bring the capability to do all these things together. And that’s why our customers love us. Go on. Ask them. So you can get the truth about what it’s like to have VXI as part of your team.