Get the Journey Right

Focus on the journey, and the outcome will be exceptional. The customer journey, that is. Our end-to-end customer-experience solutions help you deliver excellent engagements throughout the journey. We drive satisfaction, grow loyalty and revenue, and reduce churn. Customer delight is our passion.

We drive industry-leading customer satisfaction scores while reducing operational costs.

Customer Experience & Care

Many companies talk about being customer focused, customer obsessed, or customer centric, but which ones are effectively driving customer loyalty, satisfaction and lifetime value? That would be us. It’s what we do best — more than 250 million times a year.

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Customer Retention

Churn happens to every business, but when too many customers leave, you need to act. That’s where we come in. We can help you discover why customers are churning and help you turn potential defectors into loyal customers.

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CX Advisory

Customer expectations are not static. That’s why designing an effective customer experience should never be a one-time effort. We combine insight, custom technology and expert services to help you design and deliver transformative digital services for exceptional customer experiences.

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Cost Management

You shouldn’t have to choose between improving customer experience, growing revenue or optimizing cost. With VXI, achieve all three — That's Customer Care with Flair!

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Sales Effectiveness

Engaged and loyal customers are your best revenue source, and no one knows this better than we do. We’re experts at creating and executing integrated selling programs that generate leads, identify and convert prospects, drive revenue, and keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

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VXI’s suite of technology products can transform your care-center experience – leading to improved customer interactions, greater operational efficiencies and better business outcomes.

This is VXI’s “BPO in a Box,” and it is a foundation of our award-winning customer care. Every VXI advisor is supported by these dynamic tools, delivering top performance across hundreds of millions of customer interactions. We also license them to valued partners.

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Regulatory Compliance & Fraud Protection

Data privacy is everyone’s responsibility. If your customers don’t trust you with their information, it puts your business at a severe disadvantage. That’s why compliance and protection are just as important to us as they are to you and your customers.

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Customer Experience Excellence around the Globe

  • 300 million+/year customer interactions 
  • 40,000 CX Advisors
  • 43 global delivery locations