Travel & Hospitality

Thrive in the experience economy

Creating sustainable competitive advantage and traveler loyalty in the experience economy requires a holistic customer experience strategy that differentiates your brand at every touchpoint. We can help you transform the customer journey and deliver amazing experiences.

Proven Success

  • Decades of success designing, building, implementing and operating innovative customer experience solutions
  • Best-trained and coached advisors in the industry, with our unique, in-house-developed technology giving us a distinct performance advantage
  • Consistently ranked the highest performing partner in multi-vendor environments

Our Customer Experience Solutions for Travel & Hospitality Companies


  • Customer care and support
  • Inbound and outbound sales support
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Self-service web platform
  • Mobile applications

Industry Challenges and VXI's Solutions

  1. Reduce friction

    Reduce the stress of unexpected issues and strengthen the relationship with your brand.

  2. Connect with customers

    Reimagine the customer journey and transform it digitally with mobile and web applications that complement human customer-care interactions.

  3. Compete for travelers

    Drive customer loyalty, satisfaction and lifetime value with delightful customer experiences, setting your brand apart and helping you achieve your business outcomes.

Have you thought about how customer service aligns to customer success?