Create emotional loyalty

Consumers increasingly align with retail brands based on their customer experience. We can help you re-invent the customer journey and build strong customer relationships. Together, we can drive customer loyalty, satisfaction and lifetime value for your brand.

Proven Success

  • Decades of success designing, building, implementing and operating innovative customer experience solutions
  • Best-trained and coached advisors in the industry, with our unique, in-house-developed technology giving us a distinct performance advantage
  • $27 million in order revenue generated for an online retailer

Our Customer Experience Solutions for Retail Companies


  • Customer care and support
  • Inbound and outbound sales support
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Self-service web platform
  • Mobile applications

Industry Challenges and VXI's Solutions

  1. Engage mobile shoppers

    Promote the right products at the right time, answer questions and assist shoppers at the moment of decision.

  2. Listen to customers

    Recognize and understand the emotional and intellectual elements of your customers’ purchasing decisions.

  3. Grow loyalty

    Create emotional loyalty through human connections and positive experiences.

Have you thought about how customer service aligns to customer success?