Customer Retention

Stop the churn

Churn happens to every business, but when too many customers leave, you need to act. That’s where we come in. We can help you discover why customers are churning and help you turn potential defectors into loyal customers.

Anticipate churn

Identify and understand the signals your customers are sending

Optimize response

Use data insights to align the conversation with customer needs

Improve retention

Resolve issues and regain customer trust and satisfaction

Recognizing the signs

What signals are your customers giving you when they are about to defect? We’re experts at identifying and understanding the behavioral intentions and actual behaviors that signal a customer’s potential decision to churn, and then taking the appropriate actions to retain the customer.

Harnessing technology

We develop and use artificial intelligence-powered solutions to identify customers with a propensity to churn by analyzing and correlating conversations, sentiment, event and customer histories, and other data. We then use technology to help our advisors align their conversations and offers with customer needs and desires to improve retention and drive revenue.

Empowering action

Armed with insights and enabled by our technology, our contact center teams are empowered to resolve problems, advocate for customers and help them get their needs met in the best way possible.