Power human performance

VXI’s suite of technology products can transform your care-center experience – leading to improved customer interactions, greater operational efficiencies and better business outcomes.

This is VXI’s “BPO in a Box,” and it is a foundation of our award-winning customer care. Every VXI advisor is supported by these dynamic tools, delivering top performance across hundreds of millions of customer interactions. We also license them to valued partners.

Raise the bar

Attract, train, coach, and retain top talent.

Optimize operations

Operate and scale cost effectively.

Drive performance

Achieve your desired business outcomes.

Talent Match Pro™ – Qualify and Hire the Best

• Segment recruiting with specialized chatbots to increase candidate pool
• Prioritize the right candidates
• Increase hiring efficiency
• Coordinate across sites

Success Flair (VXI Recruiting)
•Manage 50k/month candidate interactions
•Coordinate 1k/month interviews

Training Simulator™ – Innovate Contact Center Training

  • • Recreate real-life scenarios to optimize advisor performance
  • • Improve specific KPIs
  • • Deliver improvement feedback to advisors

Success Flair (30-Day Results)
•+400% Net Promoter Score (NPS)
•+13% KPI

Performance Pro 360™ — Drive Service Excellence

  • • Track advisor performance
  • • Develop personalized coaching
  • • Produce client reports

Success Flair (1,700 advisors study)
  • • 16.6% improvement in VOC
  • • 9% improvement in FCR
  • • 18% improvement in transfer
  • • 19% improvement in sales

VisionLog™ & VisionQA™ — Enhance Advisor Coaching

  • • Evaluate advisor’s voice and screen engagement
  • • Integrate digital IVR, CRM and QA
  • • Improve engagement via progress tracking

Success Flair (VXI Agent Management)
•Simultaneously track and coach more than 20,000
advisors, including historical analysis