Connect with your customers

Even when your product performs flawlessly, it’s only one aspect of how customers feel about your brand. The customer experience is the ultimate test, determining whether customers stay loyal to you. From Unicorns to traditional tech, we guide customer delight and build brand love.

Proven Success


  • Decades of success designing, building, implementing and operating innovative customer engagement solutions
  • Grew total order revenue 25% for a B2B and B2C technology platform
  • Best-trained and coached advisors in the industry, with our unique, in-house-developed technology giving us a distinct performance advantage

CX Solutions for Tech Companies


  • Customer care and support
  • Inbound and outbound sales support
  • Technical support
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Self-service web platform
  • Mobile applications

Industry Challenges and VXI's Solutions

  1. Simplify complexity

    Cut through the complexity and make it easy for your customers to get the help they need to use and enjoy your products.

  2. Relieve buyers’ stress

    Help ease the anxiety of purchasing new technology and guide customers to choose the right product for their needs.

  3. Meet expectations

    Deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences that fulfill your brand promise, meet customer expectations and drive customer loyalty.

Have you thought about how customer service aligns to customer success?