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Customer Retention Success

Balancing Rapid Expansion with Exceptional Performance


Multilingual handling of inbound and outbound sales, as well as inbound calls for billing, technical support and retention.



Products Supported

Video, high speed Internet and voice services


The objective was to strengthen this client’s market leadership by improving customer experience while optimizing customer care operations.  With a combined total of 14 internal and vendor-partner sites, the client was challenged by inconsistencies in the customer experience. VXI was tasked with increasing customer retention and scaling up operations while delivering measurable improvements in customer satisfaction.


  • “VOC Boot Camp” increased observation and feedback loop coaching sessions with outlier groups to teach rapid improvement practices.
  • Quality assurance provided post-coaching observations and recommended follow up behaviors to ensure better compliance and a structured call flow.
  • Leadership immersion saw front line leaders and trainers handling incoming calls to validate customer response to expected behaviors. This activity provided newer employees with more realistic expectations of interactions.
  • A grass roots approach to employee engagement and satisfaction was mirrored in more positive customer sentiment.
  • Senior leaders temporarily relocated to new site locations to seed the patterns of excellence and build the operation around a proven and replicable approach to shaping customer loyalty.


  • Workforce expanded by 92% in a single quarter
  • Achieved at par or better results than the internal client teams on voice of customer satisfaction measures, despite steep ramps

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