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Telco Support and Sales

Achieving No. 1 Partner Status for the World’s Largest Telecom and Media Company


Tier 1 and 2, B2B and B2C customer care, sales, back office support


Voice, email, chat

Products Supported

Mobility broadband and data services, Internet protocol TV (IPTV), satellite TV, fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony, wireless, HD channels, premium mobile video content.


To support continued revenue growth, the telecom and media company engaged VXI to sell premium subscription television packages to new and existing customers via outbound telemarketing. To be successful, the client needed not only an efficient approach to sales, but the ability to deliver a positive, memorable and professional customer experience.


VXI staffed a dedicated contact center with professionals possessing a clear understanding of the client’s broad selection of communication products, entertainment packages, and changing promotions as well as the target audience for each. The sales advisors also needed to be well-versed in complying with complex regulatory requirements.

VXI selected qualified advisors via VXI Talent Match Pro and trained them using VXI Training Simulator. With its VisionQA quality scoring and management platform, VXI identified areas of improvement on which to focus to drive the desired performance outcomes.


  • Deployed the first team of trained and tested advisors within 10 days
  • Surpassed the client’s premium service sales target by 24%
  • Exceeded the client’s sales-per-hour target by 6%
  • Increased conversions with 3.24 fewer leads needed by sale compared to other outbound sales partners
  • Achieved an overall close rate of 107% and a 118% close rate for the internet service provider line of business

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