Financial Services

Bank on experience

Reinventing banking and payment services means transforming the end-to-end customer experience. At VXI, we know how to use both human and digital touchpoints to gain the trust and loyalty of a new generation of consumers, without turning off older generations. We can help you cash in on the consumer trends that are disrupting the finance industry.

Proven Success

  • Generated more than $6 million in revenue in six months for an online payment company 
  • 600-point increase in customer satisfaction for a money transfer company
  • Best-trained and coached advisors in the industry, with our unique, in-house-developed technology giving us a distinct performance advantage

Our Customer Experience Solutions for Financial Services Companies


  • Customer care and support
  • Inbound and outbound sales support
  • Account/case management
  • Billing & dispute management
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Self-service web platform
  • Mobile applications

Industry Challenges and VXI's Solutions

  1. Appeal to younger generations

    Attract and retain Millennials and younger generations by emphasizing a safe and compliant customer experience and removing frustration along the customer journey.

  2. Stay human

    Outmaneuver digital-first players with a transformed customer experience that blends digital and human touchpoints for an easy, seamless customer journey.

  3. Master convenience

    Use technology to deliver greater convenience and a delightful experience for your customers while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Have you thought about how customer service aligns to customer success?