5 Important Qualities of Your First (or Next) Call Center Vendor

5 minute read, posted on 09/09/2021, by VXI Marketing

Call Center Vendor

Whether your business is categorized as a ‘mom ‘n’ pop’ or a corporation, outsourcing your customer interaction through a call center vendor and making use of call center services may be the most important decision you have to make for your company. There are several valuable benefits that business process outsourcing services may be able to help you with. Call centers can help resolve concerns through customer support, provide your company a platform to enhance your image, create a strong customer base, and store data that you can use for future business-related use.

To some, call center outsourcing and calling phone representatives may be a thing of the past. However, the reality is that people still prefer to talk to human beings when it came to issues regarding your business. According to Usabilla’s 2018 case study “In the Age of Automation, Customers Want More Human, Less Machine”, 55% of customers surveyed prefer to speak to a human customer service agent on the phone, and an ever significant 73% of customers skip the robot answering service and often pressing “0” to immediately reach a human representative. The rise of the internet may have opened brand-new avenues of communicating with customers, but the simple fact that communicating by voice is still easier and more effective in conveying a sense of empathy and humanity.

Whether this may be the first time your organization is seeking to employ services of a business process outsourcing company or maybe you are looking for your next one, here are five important qualities that you should be looking for.

Knowledge and Expertise

Your selected vendor must have a systematic and comprehensive knowledge of your industry. This will allow your vendor to quickly and efficiently address the issues while simultaneously providing an excellent customer experience. Your outsourced call center vendor also needs to have the necessary ability to provide you with regular comprehensive data and reports about the work that they are accomplishing. This in turn will provide your organization the essential metrics and graphs that will not only determine the effectiveness of your campaigns but also provide you the information and tools needed to improve or expand your services.

Technology and Innovation

Staying ahead of the competition is the key to making your company ready for the future. Choose a call center vendor that has the right tools that encourage communication and collaboration for your employees as well as inspire instruction and learning. Technology and innovation in the last 20 years have taken leaps and bounds, and customer experience providers have taken advantage of the technological revolution to expand and improve customer service. The internet leads the way in communication and different apps and tools have paved the way to customer service ease. Do not get left behind.

Agents – QA and Training

 A call center vendor’s most important element is its frontline employees. After all, the call center’s customer service representatives will represent your company in customer interactions and will be the face of your organization’s customer experience. You need to ensure that your call center vendor will have trained their representatives to possess the best communication skills and have the best aptitude for listening and comprehension. Ensure that your vendor is willing to provide frequent development and training sessions to their representatives to keep them up to date on the latest promotions, technologies, trends, and will keep their motivations high.

Previous and Existing Clients

 There’s a saying in the industry that goes: A call center is only as good as their previous and existing clients. Do some research about your vendor’s previous and existing clients. Which ones are Fortune 500 companies? Do these organizations trust your vendor enough to provide the customer experience they want to deliver? See how diverse their existing client pool is and see how your call center vendor can juggle a wide variety of industries at the same time under one roof.


 Finally, determine if your chosen vendor can provide the customer experience that your organization needs at a lesser cost without compromising the quality of service. Cost-effectiveness may also be the reason why you seek the services of a call center in the first place, so make sure that the services are just right for your company’s budget.

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