A West-to-East Partnership

2 minute read, posted on 12/16/2020, by VXI Marketing

A man is giving a presentation about a West-to-East Partnership to a group of people.

VXI, a world leader a world leader in delivering innovative and transformative customer experience solutions has recently has recently locked in a major player in the e-commerce marketplace known for access to authentic luxury products such as limited-edition sneakers, designer bags, high-end clothing, and other collectibles. The goal is to change the game together by turning customers into die-hard advocates for their brand. 

The deal originated in VXI North America, while VXI China would be the delivery center for their growing market in the Asia-Pacific region. 

VXI China is the only foreign-owned call center company with a national license to operate in the People’s Republic of China. Its extensive delivery network which supports seven regional languages in the APAC makes them the ideal partner to carry out their 24 hours by sunset model in this rapidly developing area of their market. VXI’s playbook approach and established operational framework will help them manage multiple channels and seamlessly scale up the demand as needed. 

The technology platforms of VXI will enhance their ability to analyze market trends and prescribe actions to shape outcomes, which will support their growth and minimize any pains that come along with it. In turn, customers will receive an amplified experience and will be able to make better-informed decisions when selling or buying items on their website. 

This is what we mean when we talk about the teamwork and shared success of “One VXI.”

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