Beyond the call center – the value your partners should deliver

2 minute read, posted on 10/09/2018, by VXI Marketing

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AHT, NPS, CSAT – the metrics that drive customer experience operations  are well-known. 

But it’s the thinking and the intent that goes beyond the purely operational considerations that, in our experience, delivers transformational value for our client-partners. 

Here are three key things that we think you should be demanding of your next customer experience (CX) partner. 

Create value  not cost 

It goes without saying that delivering a great customer experience, at the right price point, is table stakes.  

But price only tells half the story – the conversation you need to be having is about value.  

Think about this for a minute – customers who have a superior experience spend on average 140% more than those who don’t. Conversely, you might recall United Airlines’ brand crisis, when the airline instantly lost $1.4 billion in the market after a passenger’s experience went viral on social media. 

Every customer experience is different – the context, the emotional state, the problem that needs solving. Taking a visionary approach, and always asking “what if” drives you beyond merely an efficiency-focused cost center to a customer loyalty engine and value generator.  

Focus on actionable insights – not just data 

Today’s customer experience operations generate huge amounts of data – and a good operation is able to capture and report on it in real time. But too often, that’s where it ends. 

A truly great operation is one that turns data into actionable insight – data that has been interpreted to provide a clear course of action, and then placed into the hands of those best able to take that action – in the shortest possible timeframe.  

Reduce the risk of change 

While it’s necessary to delight today’s customer, the only way to ensure that you will have customers to delight tomorrow is a constant desire to learn, test and innovate. 

Easy to say, but much harder to execute, true innovation is a combination of design, agility, and in-market experimentation – all while ensuring that customers continue to receive the experience and service they require. 

Finding a way do this at speed is often daunting for organizations – especially when that change touches customers. A partner who not only understands this but is able to remove risk is of the utmost importance in ensuring you can innovate at speed.

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