VXI China – Business Continuity and Lessons Learned

3 minute read, posted on 10/08/2020, by VXI Marketing

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VXI was able to relaunch 8,000 employees in 12 call centers across China by implementing a number of best practices. These include rapidly implementing safety procedures, constantly communicating with employees, and quickly converting our entire workforce to remote workers in days with minimal business disruption and zero positive COVID-19 cases.

For VXI China, achieving business continuity can be attributed to our turnkey approach that includes all the tools, software systems, and people necessary to achieve our goals. From an IT perspective, that includes IVR, CPI, CRM, digital reporting systems, knowledge base, chat tools, online quiz and training simulation, workforce management, and a software switch that replaces the traditional PBX.

In addition, we had numerous staff making sacrifices. One picked up and dropped off four co-workers in his private car for two months. Another provided onsite support to colleagues, going to their residences to help install and troubleshoot computers to ensure uninterrupted service. Others volunteered to cover shifts for peers who were unable to get to the office due to public transportation stoppages.

Throughout the crisis, we tracked headcount, both frontline, and management, on a weekly basis. We monitored those working in the office and at home as well as those who were not at work. For those not at work, the reasons for their absence could be government lockdown or traffic control, mandatory isolation, or sick leave.

Lessons Learned

The Covid-19 crisis reinforced our passion for people and the importance of relationships – with staff, customers, and government.

  • We work and respond as a team. No one ever worked by themselves, plus employees showed tremendous resilience and creativity to remain working and to support their coworkers.
  • Early responses likely saved lives and critical business. Fifty percent of our workforce was working at home within the first 24 hours that we decided to transition.
  • Established our sites as providers of Essential Services due to our support of critical infrastructure for telecommunications, utilities, government support and food delivery.
  • Provided support, education, and more to teammates and families disrupted by the coronavirus. Plus, attrition is better today than one year ago.
  • Successfully moved 50% of agents to WAH within 24 hours. Closed and successfully reopened +12 sites in China, returning to 95% capacity within five weeks. 

VXI China quickly felt the repercussions of the emerging coronavirus. During January, 100% of our 8,000 China-based employees were impact¬ed when we were asked to shut down operation centers with little notice. Determined to help our clients during this unprecedented crisis, we moved to action.

Within 24 hours, VXI China migrated 50% of our workforce to work-at-home (WAH) environments, a remarkable achievement. Within days, the majority of agents joined them and we functioned as “business as usual.”

We returned to our facilities after six weeks and now operate at 95% capacity. To date, we have zero known COVID-19 cases. Attrition rates are better than a year ago as employees recognize our focus on their wellness, and we follow strict safety guidelines. We are proud of our team’s incredible efforts and our undying “Passion for People.”

VXI’s summary report and best-practices guide on its COVID-19 response in China can be downloaded here.

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