Customer Obsession: A Customer-Centric Strategy

4 minute read, posted on 07/15/2022, by VXI Marketing

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The term “customer obsession” sounds unhealthy when you first hear it. The word “obsession” according to the Britannica Dictionary refers to a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently, especially in a way that is not normal. In this case, is it too much to be obsessed with what customers think? 

Customer Obsession is having a mindset that has a razor-sharp focus on the wants, needs, and happiness of the customer. Is customer obsession the same as saying “the customer is always right”? Not exactly. While the latter means blindly following what your customer wants from your company, the former merely states that knowing your customer demands and doing whatever it takes to provide them is a top priority. The customer is the driving force behind the changes that can take your company to new heights. 

 How to be customer-obsessed 

Customer obsession can be important for your business in so many ways. It builds customer loyalty, creates a customer experience (CX) frontline standard, and inspires your employees to always do better. 

 Here are some tips on how to get you and your organization in a customer obsession mindset. 

 Instill customer obsession in your culture 

Creating a culture of customer-centricity creates an organization of individuals that values customers intrinsically and naturally. Inspire your employees to value customers, and employees who value customers can inspire others to do the same. Build the right team with employees that possess the right skills, and who can transfer those skills to others. Also, remember to consistently innovate through tools and processes, and allow your employees (especially your frontline) to share their experiences and best practices for others to be inspired. 

 Do research 

Customer obsession means turning your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into creative thinkers and analysts. Being confined within the boundaries of the rulebook will not allow you to explore other creative ways to provide for them. Think of new ways how to get the customer what he or she needs, and then do them one over and offer something of added value. Remember that we can never always give the customer what they want, but we can always be thoughtful of them with the things that we can provide. This is also the perfect time to let customers know of your commitment to their well-being and how appreciative you are of the relationship. 

 Adding Value 

As mentioned in the previous entry, adding value to your service is a strategy that helps differentiate your brand from your competitors and allows you to get and keep customers. Adding value to your service begins with attentively listening to what your customer is asking for and considering what he or she needs based on the request. Research popular marketing models and never be afraid to use other companies’ perspectives. Using everything you have learned, you will be able to deliver a memorable customer experience no one will soon forget. 


Rewarding your employees is a system where individuals within your organization are acknowledged for their contribution to your company’s success. Making people feel appreciated has endless benefits. Your employees are the most important people in your organization after all because they make everything happen. Employee engagement increases employee retention, creates lower expenses, and helps create a positive working environment for everyone which also helps increase productivity. 

 The Next Step For Your Business 

Letting professionals with 20 years of CX experience handle your customer obsession needs will do just the trick. VXI is an award-winning customer experience provider with over 19 awards including a Global 100 Leader Frost & Sullivan Award, Leader in Customer Management citation from the Everest Group, a Gold Stevie® Award for Customer Service Management Team of the Year, and Best Contact Center & BPO Company of the Year from the International ICT Awards.

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