Four Easy Steps Can Lead to Purpose-Driven Outsourcing with Impact

3 minute read, posted on 07/10/2024, by VXI Marketing

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Since our foundation, VXI has always focused on impact and purpose. As a minority-owned business, we believe that purpose-driven outsourcing can be a positive force for change that allows many organizations to take a first step on the path to a more successful future. 

Many organizations are now focused on various environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives because they find that customers, employees, and investors want to visibly see action in these areas. Purpose-driven outsourcing can turbo charge your ESG plans just by considering the effect on a community when selecting a partner to work with. 

This approach adds value to your business. Research by McKinsey describes how shareholders are likely to see greater returns if a company takes a purpose-driven approach. Costs are reduced, productivity is increased, and growth is faster. On all business performance metrics, it makes sense to explore how to be more purpose-driven as quickly as possible. 

Our experience shows that a focused and purpose-driven approach to outsourcing can make a dramatic difference to local communities – both economic and social value can be dramatically improved. Our Impact Hub Initiative is a great example. Serving as virtual and physical contact centers, our hubs generate jobs, enhance skills, and catalyze economic growth while supporting a diverse, resilient supply chain and high-value customer interactions.  

Any organization can benefit from building an impact hub, but if your company has not traditionally focused on ESG initiatives then it is an opportunity to rapidly catch up by working with a partner that understands the value of a purpose-driven approach. 

Our plan is to work with our clients to create over 2,500 new jobs in underserved communities by next year. Working with our team to build your own purpose-driven impact hub is simple and requires just four important steps. 

Step 1: Define your strategic objectives and key results. This involves defining your business goals and exploring which impact goals could be defined. 

  • Step 2: Choose your impact zone and strategic partnerships. VXI has partnerships across corporations, communities, and Historically Black Universities and Colleges (HBCUs) to align flexible work models with student populations, providing a diverse talent pipeline.  
  • Step 3: Foster job creation and economic growth. Designing the right sourcing and hiring strategy to stimulate growth in underserved areas as well as upskilling to develop future leaders. 
  • Step 4: Implement and scale your customer experience strategy and its impact. VXI handles recruiting, training, technology, and operational performance while working with you to scale your strategy for maximum impact.  

This approach really does deliver significant results. We have seen a $15m economic impact in Southern Dallas and over $100m in Morrow, Georgia. Internationally, we have created thousands of jobs in the Philippines by partnering with over 130 colleges.  

Commenting on their impact hub, one of our healthcare clients said: “When we can work with a partner to bring work to people in underserved communities, that’s something that is very important to us and sets the partnership above the rest.”  

That’s a powerful statement. It is possible to deliver great a great CX and to positively impact the communities where your business and your partners operate. This is purpose-based outsourcing, and our Impact Hub initiative makes it easy to get started. 

For more information on purpose-driven outsourcing at VXI, please click here. 

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