Important Things You Need to Know About VXI and Contact Centers in the Age of COVID-19

4 minute read, posted on 12/16/2020, by VXI Marketing

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As COVID-19 continues to limit physical contact for the foreseeable future, more and more businesses are suffering as a result. In a world where you can’t help your customers face to face, VXI has become more important than ever. What can VXI and other contact centers do for you during this troubled time to meet your business needs? Here’s what you need to know.

Essential Services

In many areas, brick and mortar businesses are restricted to just essential services. If what you offer is considered non-essential, then it’s not worth risking physical contact. Fortunately, contact centers are considered essential services. They’ve become the front lines for helping customers in a contactless environment.

Even in areas where restrictions are lax, customers aren’t going out in droves anymore either. Many are staying in their homes, whether by choice or by government mandate. When they do go out, social distancing guidelines make a lot of places seem less appealing. As a result, a lot of companies are losing business.

Take the bank, for instance. You have some transactions to make, but your local branch is only letting a few people in at a time. There’s a line out the door of customers waiting to get in, and what just a year ago would have been a ten-minute visit, has turned into an hour or more.

VXI, on the other hand, can provide a variety of connection points to help you get what you need on your terms. Instead of going to your branch in person, customers can simply call, or live chat with our representatives. If they’d rather not wait for a representative to become available, they can use e-mail or even text message, then go about their day until a representative gets back to them.

The Contact Center That’s Right for You 

If you’re a company looking to outsource some of your customer services to a contact center, to stay afloat, or even get ahead during this pandemic, VXI is the contact center for you.

VXI adapts to your needs. Contact centers have to adapt to what the clients want. Our experience provides us with the knowledge and the confidence that VXI can adapt to your needs even during a time of unprecedented challenges. As the needs of the client develop through gained knowledge over time, so can VXI acclimate and modify our procedures and processes so that we can grow with our clients.

A good example of this would be VXI’s Work-at-Home (WAH) model which was recently implemented. Happy employees create happy customers, and working-at-home gives employees a better work-life balance, lesser commuter stress, improved independence and brings about a more positive impact on the environment. VXI presents a suitable combination of virtual and physical learning to help clients choose which model they prefer for their business.

VXI Delivers Results. We do what you want to do and we do it well. We make sure that our agents are properly equipped to provide the best customer experience possible. See how we train and coach our agents using the latest and greatest suite of tools in the market today. From job application (Talent Match Pro), to training (Training Simulator), to performance coaching (Performance Pro 360), VXI has got all stages covered to ease and enhance the employee experience.

Call us! Call in and see how things go. Are the people friendly? Did they help you with what you need? Did they provide a good experience? VXI representatives can communicate well and solve problems quickly and effectively. They will give you an easy time by avoiding transfers to multiple people as much as possible, and provide you with satisfaction.

VXI’s achievements are acknowledged. Don’t take our word for it—let award-giving bodies tell you of VXI’s achievements. For instance, VXI has won Gold and Silver Stevie Awards this 2020 including Customer Experience Management Team of the Year, Customer Service Training or Coaching Program of the Year, and Customer Service Training Team of the Year. This does not include other numerous accolades we have received over the years.

The conditions created by COVID-19 aren’t ideal for anyone, but like it or not, they’ve become the new normal. If you want to keep your business going, you need to adapt. VXI is the white knight that can save your business from COVID and see you safely through to the other side of this pandemic. Call us now! We’d love to do business with you!

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