Seasonal Spikes – Just-In-Time Staffing Flexibility

2 minute read, posted on 10/07/2020, by Peter Mullen

Seasonal Spike and burst capacity agents

Burst capacity agents offer companies greater scheduling flexibility than traditional brick-and-mortar agents, allowing for rapid response to peaks and valleys that inevitably occur in the contact center world. Should needs spike due to a marketing campaign, a television or radio commercial, or even an outage or natural disaster, burst capacity agents can be quickly brought online. They can be “on-call” to help out during unexpected or seasonal spikes in contact volume.

Companies can better prepare for supporting intentional, short-term call volume increases. For instance, a direct response campaign may require several hundred agents for a prime-time push, but only for one hour. Burst capacity agents can readily fulfill this need as opposed to staffing the call center with hundreds of agents only to send them back home after an hour.

Companies should carefully consider the expertise, experience, and infrastructure offered by a home agent outsourcing provider. Critical areas to evaluate before selecting a provider include:

  • Proven recruiting, hiring, training, and scheduling procedures
  • Integration with IVR, speech, or auto-notification
  • Comprehensive security – background, screening, data & system security
  • Fully redundant communications infrastructure to ensure availability
  • Ability to direct calls anywhere, with performance- and skills-based routing
  • Agent management systems for quality monitoring and communications
  • Thorough reporting capabilities

 For more information about how VXI Global Solutions can help you reach peak efficiency during seasonal spikes, contact VXI.

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