Leveling Up: A New Approach to Customer Care for Gamers (Part II)

2 minute read, posted on 12/01/2023, by Anna Holland

Banner - Leveling Up: A New Approach to Customer Care for Gamers (Part II)

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of recognizing that gamers are a different breed when it comes to your customer care strategies. This week, we’ll highlight their different personalities, their contact drivers, and what makes them unique. Let’s dive in on how you can tailor your customer support strategies to deliver legendary service based on these gamer archetypes 

Graphic illustrating various gamer personalities, outlining their unique contact drivers and characteristics that distinguish each type.

In the dynamic world of gaming, catering to the diverse needs of these player archetypes is the key to creating an inclusive and engaging community. While your customers may have different personalities, support needs, and contact drivers, one thing remains the same: personalized support is the game-changer.  

When you understand your customers’ expectations and motivations, your support teams can deliver the right type of assistance at the right time. Whether it’s acknowledging the Competitive Challenger’s achievements, providing quick resolutions for the Casual Enthusiast, or showing the Social Butterfly why they should sing your praises across the internet, personalized support not only resolves issues, but fosters a sense of community.  

At VXI, we’re geared up to elevate your support game and empower your players (and agents). We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to strength the bond between your brand, your gamers, and your community.  

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