Mika Muukkonen Appointed as Managing Director of Symbio

2 minute read, posted on 08/25/2020, by VXI Marketing

Photo of Mika Muukkonen, Managing Director for Symbio.

Mika Muukkonen Appointed as Managing Director of Symbio

Symbio, the technology solutions and software development subsidiary of VXI Global Solutions, has announced that VP for Technologies Mika Muukkonen has been appointed as Managing Director for Symbio’s U.S. and Europe business units covering Symbio’s global deliveries effective immediately.

Muukkonen has been working at Symbio for more than 8 years, first coming on board to Symbio Chengdu in 2012 as a Solution Architect. Shortly thereafter, he took the responsibility of Symbio’s SW Development & Delivery from China and the delivery center in Chengdu. Over the years he has managed Symbio’s global delivery centers and led business engagements in various areas, including scoping, prototyping, hacking, and identifying the correct technology solutions to match our customers’ needs.

“This is a challenge I’m glad to take head-on,” Said Muukkonen. “I’m looking forward to being able to contribute some of my experience working on Symbio’s global services as well as working closely with VXI on software solutions delivery to help build a true, high-value, and highly profitable global services package. In addition to that, having lived in China for the past 12 years, I have to say that it will be an emotional moment to return to Finland as well.”

Muukkonen has been heading Symbio’s Global/U.S. Business Unit (GUBU) while based in China. With this assignment, he will be hands-on in taking the next crucial steps on Symbio Finland’s way forward.

About Symbio

Symbio, the Global Digital Services subsidiary of VXI Global, provides clients with Transformative Digital Services that connect, engage, and drive enterprises. For over twenty years, the company has taken a customer-centric approach to unlock innovation and deliver exceptional products and service experience. Symbio has over 18,000 employees across 16 locations in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Symbio has developed comprehensive services and solutions portfolio to help create, enhance, and differentiate our enterprise clients’ businesses. Our engagement model allows us to be responsive to ever-changing markets and technologies, creating long-term partnerships. Embedded in its operational DNA, Symbio’s innovation and design thinking process goes beyond a problem-focused approach to deliver optimum design and functionality for organizations and its customers.

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