Rapid-Response BPO Contingency Planning Gives VXI an Early Start

4 minute read, posted on 06/17/2020, by VXI Marketing

BPO Contingency Planning

When the Covid-19 disaster broke out in Wuhan, VXI China quickly began working on WAH solutions and BPO Contingency Planning. As an early precaution – more than one week before there was serious talk of a lockdown – we formed a cross-functional leadership committee to address the emerging threat. It included teammates representing every part of our business – senior executives, site directors at all 12 China facilities, operations vice presi­dents, business directors and client service executives, and the head of both human resources and finance.

Acting as a rapid-response BPO Contingency Planning task force, the team began scenario planning and preparation as the Chinese New Year (January 24 – February 2) began, well ahead of any government-issued orders. Using existing network tools to lay out the tasks and action items, each team prepared for multiple scenarios.

The HR team began communicating with our agents, reinforcing that safety and health were our top priority. The company began temperature checks and tracking travel history several days before the government man­dates and before any other business we know of. Doing so bought VXI valuable time.

The administrative team acquired protective equip­ment. Early on, we learned that a seven-day supply of masks for all agents would allow continuous opera­tions. We delivered sanitation products, thermometers, and masks to our facilities — all before the government declared the need for a shutdown.

Communicating with our customers was key. With nearly 100 active accounts in mainland China, we needed to reassure all of our clients that we were ahead of the crisis and focused on employee safety and business continuity. We worked with our partners early about potential impacts to KPI measures, gaining support or understanding about potential adjustments.

This forward-thinking enabled VXI to prepare for many eventualities as well as gain early employee and client buy-ins to work at home.

Above all, VXI’s primary concern is the health and well-being of our employees, their families, and our communities. David Zhou, Co-Founder & CEO of VXI

Speed of Transition

VXI’s suite of proprietary workforce platforms and agent-lifecycle applications makes WAH easier. The ability to configure the network and the client-side PCs swiftly sped the process of delivering computers to the agents’ homes. Door-to-door service sustained VXI’s operations—and our clients’. Our solution configures the agents’ laptops to automatically log into our system, which is already integrated with the client systems—many of which are cloud-based. Most of our agents rely on the cloud-based application to support their CRM so it enabled us to work rapidly.

From a technology perspective, there were configura­tions of the  VPN, all platforms, all necessary software. It was as much like business as usual as it can be. For some, we provided traditional computers and screen monitors. Others received laptops. We had employees go to extraordinary lengths to ensure teams were up and working. They delivered dozens of computers in their personal cars. Many worked extra hours to help config­ure and troubleshoot. These everyday heroes helped to ensure that business wasn’t interrupted.

Employees signed an agreement around data security and compliance before working at home, requiring dil­igent adherence to corporate requirements and proce­dures. Additional considerations were made for com­pensation and hazard pay. Communications remained key as employees regularly needed to hear that we were prioritizing their health and their jobs.

VXI’s WAH Requirements

Learning from the experience in China, VXI was able to establish and develop corporate WAH requirements as the pandemic moved across the world. Although each individual client and country has specific criteria, the lessons learned in China apply to all regions and geographies.

In our next article, we will explore the safety procedures implemented by VXI for protecting workers from exposure to, and infection with, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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