Self-Service: 5 Types to Boost Customer Experience

4 minute read, posted on 01/04/2022, by VXI Marketing

Self-Service 5 Types to Boost Customer Experience

Customer self-service is the way of the future, but it has not always been so. Having to talk to a customer service representative has been the go-to channel for basic customer service to help solve issues. Though reliable, these days customers should be able to solve their problems with less time and effort. Who wants to be put on hold for several minutes or more in this technological age of self-sufficiency? Not only can self-service save time, but it can also help businesses boost customer experience and improve customer loyalty.

The following are five types of customer self-service businesses that can boost your business’s customer experience.

Customer Self-Service Portals

Customer transactions that come in every hour require a worldwide round-the-clock support team. If this is a limited resource, your customers will have a hard time getting the support they need. In this day and age, most younger customers are tech-savvy and would opt to look for answers online before reaching out to a customer service representative. Instead of leaving your customers high and dry, you could invest in a customer service portal that embodies common queries, troubleshoot for basic fixes and other needs that a customer can resolve effortlessly on their own. Customers will receive answers to queries as well as gain further knowledge during non-operational hours. Having the option to bypass the calling queue gives them the information needed in their own time while significantly cutting customer service costs on your end.


There are 6.64 billion smartphone users in the world today. With the internet literally at their fingertips, it’s no surprise that most people browse the internet almost solely on their smartphones. Why not? Not only is it readily available 24/7 but it is the most convenient and powerful tool at hand. Having a mobile app version of your site is proven to be quite beneficial as a self-service tool. So long as your mobile app is user-friendly, customers will easily be able to navigate through the questions and answers that they are searching for. Building a user-friendly app that offers push notifications as well as updated features will help keep the customers engaged and up to date with the company and all of its service updates.

Chatbots and AI

Live chatbots offer an amazing immediate customer experience. Chatbots offer a wide range of answers for customers within seconds, offer assistance, and can even help with booking and sales. Live chatbots have made the customer experience more pleasant and convenient than ever. Live chatbots are a great way to quickly help confused customers. Many company sites offer a popup chat window that appears after a given period spent on their website. The bots have the capacity and capability to help the customer find the answer that they are looking for. In case the bots do not have an answer, they can steer the customer in the right direction. Not only are these bots convenient, but they also help to show that the company holds customer needs to the highest priority.


Kiosks have been around since time immemorial in mom-and-pop stores and shopping malls. Kiosks feature a wide range of products from electronics, kitchen gadgets, video games, toys, music, and many more. They are good for short and specific tasks such as finding the price of an item or finding an item as well as giving the customer an actual hands-on experience about your product. This can also help with self-checkout and payment for a customer.

Functional Automated Phone Systems

The phone may be a convenient go-to option for most business interactions; however, the younger generation prefers to be self-sufficient. One way to find a middle ground is to meet their needs by providing them with the option to speak to a representative or resolve the issue by following an automated menu system and accomplishing the task on hand quickly without the assistance of an agent.

These five steps of self-service can help your customers to quickly and efficiently find answers to their queries without the aid of an agent while boosting customer experience.

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