Symbio Shines Through

2 minute read, posted on 09/24/2020, by VXI Marketing

Symbio Shines Through

Symbio China Shines Through

As part of VXI Global Solutions, Symbio is a global digital services company that helps companies build innovative software products and transformative digital services to connect, engage, and amaze their customers. Symbio is headquartered in the USA and employs 2,200 software engineers in their global delivery centers in Finland, Sweden, and China.

During the height of the pandemic in the Asian region, Symbio China reported ZERO cases of COVID-19, thanks to a special group formed as news of the virus began to spread during the Spring Festival. Their main focus was to guarantee employee wellbeing and safety and to ensure business continuity.

The first task was to adhere to government safety guidelines to secure a permit to operate.  This was a pretty challenging task as businesses were closed and the streets were practically empty. They worked long hours calling and making online inquires with pharmacies to obtain disinfection solutions for the office and face masks for distribution among employees. Protocols were implemented such as temperature checks, social distancing, and round-the-clock cleaning and sanitation to prevent infection in the workplace. One key to the prevention was as early as January, the company launched an awareness campaign and posted a total of 184 COVID-19 related articles and updates, ranging from its cause, to how it is spread and how to protect oneself and others from infection, on their news platform.

One special area of concern was that Symbio had 75 employees located in Wuhan City. The company reached out to them personally to check on how they and their families were doing, and to confirm delivery addresses so they could be sent face masks and other supplies, along with personal messages of care and encouragement.

The result is the company’s operations carried on uninterrupted and as close to the normal that everyone was accustomed to, highlighted by a 34% year-over-year growth, due to the unwavering efforts of the Sales/Delivery/RMO Team. They ended with a closure rate of 40% in Q2, which is even better than the average market. Despite business slowing down worldwide during this period, four new clients were acquired: Evergrande Bao, Shengye Capital, Pengyuan Credit Rating, and Microfocus.

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