Telecommunications: Post-Pandemic Challenges and Solutions

4 minute read, posted on 07/02/2021, by VXI Marketing

VXI Global Solutions to telecommunications pandemic challenge

In the 20th century, global modernization and development would never have happened without telecommunications. Man’s wish to communicate over great distances with great haste was the driving force behind its development.

Since the inception of distance communication, there have been many forms of contact and information transfer that have evolved from smoke signals, horns, flags, and drumbeats of old. The discovery of electricity has made distance communication a lot more sophisticated, from primitive audio and visual means to electrical transmission and digital manipulation of light and sound. Nowadays, people can communicate with each other using the full digital experience: audio, visual, full color, and stereo sound. In the future, we will be able to send not only noise and graphics, but we will be able to send messages utilizing all five senses.

The internet boom of the 21st century only made telecommunications easier. People began to exchange knowledge, share information, perform banking, pay bills, and shop all within a tap of a small screen. Until today, telecommunications companies continued to innovate and discover new ways on how to make communicating even easier as it is now.

However, no matter how much improvement and progress we reach so far as telecommunications go, there will always be a few complications here and there. Consumers’ demands constantly change, and the telecommunications industry is no exception. On top of the existing challenges came the COVID-19 global crisis. With a variety of telecommunications services being offered, operational processes became complex. Financial overload came with handling increasingly multifaceted procedures that require more tools and resources. Aside from all the mentioned hitches, customers also demand a quicker and more efficient customer experience. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, employees were also obligated to work at home, and with the emergence of new technology, data security has also become a challenge.

The issues surrounding telecommunications at the moment are currently being resolved by innovation and resiliency. Companies needed to take action, and they took action fast. Some businesses embraced customer experience automation through chatbots to handle the customer load, while others used live chats to handle complex issues. Even more have utilized social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach out to a wider customer base. With the improvement of telecommunications services, companies will then have to ramp up their sales, which brings us to another telecommunications challenge, settled by agility, teamwork, and inventiveness.


Among the telecommunications companies in the world today, VXI’s client is considered to be the largest and one of the largest providers of mobile services. As of 2020, this company ranked within the top 10 of Fortune 500’s largest United States corporations. With services as diverse and wide-ranging as landline phones, mobile service, data and internet connectivity, Voice over IP, network security, TV, and the like, the client is considered to be the first true multimedia conglomerate.

VXI, already in an established partnership with the client through Tier 1 and 2 technical support and customer care, was asked to sell premium subscription television packages to new and existing customers via outbound telemarketing to support continued revenue growth.

To succeed, VXI needed to establish a dedicated team of professionals who had a keen grasp of the client’s broad array of telecommunications services, products, packages, adaptable knowledge of the occurring changes in the promotions, and customer profiles to tailor-fit promotions. Furthermore, customer experience specialists will have to be very familiar with the client’s increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

VXI also needed to utilize three of its award-winning BPO tools: Talent Match Pro ™ to select candidates and match their qualifications to the position, the Training Simulator ™ to train them, and the VisionQA ™ to identify agents’ areas of improvement on which to focus to drive desired performance outcomes.

VXI was able to deploy the first team in 10 days and surpass premium service sales by a considerable 24%. VXI was also able to exceed the sales-per-hour target by 6% and increase conversions with 3.24 fewer leads needed by sale compared to other outbound sales partners. Overall the client was presented with a staggering 107% and a 118% close rate for the internet service provider service.

The telecommunications industry is a challenging business, and the complications have become a bit more difficult in the face of a global pandemic. Fortunately, VXI is well-versed in providing a demanding market with the telecommunications services it needs. Allow us to take your business to new heights with the use of our award-winning tools like the Talent Match Pro and Training Simulator. For the customer experience that your company needs, talk to us!

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