UPDATE #4: Coronavirus & Philippines, U.S. and Nearshore Operations

3 minute read, posted on 03/18/2020, by VXI Marketing

Coronavirus & Philippines

Please see earlier updates for additional information.

March 18, 2020


The world has changed almost overnight. Like most of you, we at VXI Global Solutions are fast learning to manage an unprecedented situation.

Business protocols are being tested like never before. Our home lives have been turned upside down. To be frank, we expect the coming days to be complex and at times very difficult for our communities and employees. We are in this together.

Today, we’ve never been prouder of VXI Global Solutions. From Hubei to Kingston, and from Manila to Atlanta, we are responding as a team. We are being inventive and resourceful. Extraordinary acts of kindness and cooperation are occurring daily.

VXI Global Solutions continues to regularly update you on our efforts to manage the coronavirus threat. We remain focused on three priorities: employee health, business continuity planning (BCP) and strategic long-term support. Please see the previous post for additional details: VXI’s Response to Coronavirus.

We are on this journey together. We will succeed together.

Thank you,
David Zhou & Eva Wang, Co-Founders & Co-CEOs

The Philippines Operations

The Philippine government on Monday March 15, 2020 (PDT), placed the northern third of the country, including the National Capital Region (NCR) that includes Manila, under an “enhanced community quarantine” for 30 days. This is now in place.

At this time, BPOs are exempted from the closures. VXI Global Solutions facilities are open and operational, but the situation remains fluid. We are experiencing notable increases in absenteeism, but it remains manageable. Employees who can work remotely have been asked to do so. Travel is now restricted and there are checkpoints throughout NCR making travel difficult. We have reserved hotel rooms for employees to lodge near their work sites. Employees who live within walking distance of a VXI facility are encouraged to come to work. We are providing OT hours and additional support systems to make it easier for the teams. Our goal is to enable employees to continue providing for their families while staying safe.  Above all, we continue to maintain safe environments in our facilities with enforced social distancing, thermal scans and cleaning.

North American Operations (U.S. and Nearshore)

At this time, our facilities in the United States and Nearshore (Guatemala and Jamaica) remain open and operational. We are experiencing an increase in absenteeism, but it remains manageable. We are providing health checks, including thermal scans, additional OT hours for employees. Above all, we continue to maintain safe environments in our facilities with enforced social distancing, thermal scans and cleaning.

Strategic Summary

VXI is positioned to manage this extraordinary situation. We have veteran leadership and our global employee team has remarkable resiliency. As we plan for the days and weeks ahead, we are rapidly developing and testing robust work-at-home (WAH) options in both the Philippines and North America. We will share more about this important step in our next update.

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