Fate and Harmony, and the Values that Drive VXI’s Success

2 minute read, posted on 09/01/2020, by VXI Marketing

VXI's Success

Fate and Harmony– Two values that have shaped VXI’s success.

In a world of more than 7 billion people, fate (缘, Yuan in the Chinese language) brought me and David Zhou together nearly 25 years ago to found VXI Global Solutions. Our Chinese heritage has taught us to treasure that destiny and to encourage others to value it as well. As an organization, we strive for harmony (和, ), a state of operations that reduces bureaucracy and promotes teamwork to move forward in a competitive world.

VXI’s core values are Excellence, Agility, Teamwork, Integrity, and Inventiveness, and we encourage clients to share our “Passion for People” philosophy. The “why” behind VXI is aptly summed up in this quote from a valued client partner:

“Our success relies on VXI’s ‘Passion for People’ mantra, which has focused on engagement, development, and retention of their people. Together with these values, your investment in your people and your innovative technology stack, you have transformed our business and continued to drive results.”

Your hard work and sacrifices have helped us survive and even thrive. We wish all of you and your families remain healthy and want to express our thanks for all you do. Please read on to know your efforts are being recognized.

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