Call Center Best Practices That Others Can Learn From

4 minute read, posted on 10/27/2020, by Peter Mullen

Call Center Best Practices

Taking a dissatisfied customer and turning them into a satisfied one poses a host of different challenges that have existed in customer service since time immemorial. Here at VXI, there are certain call center best practices that we take to take a customer’s frown and turn it upside down. We know how to take care of your customers, solve their problems, and make them happy. What sets VXI apart? Here call center best practices from VXI that you can learn from.

Hiring the Best People and Putting Them in the Right Places

To nurture the best customer experience, we look for the best people and hire them right from the start. To boost our increasing workforce, VXI’s Talent Match Pro allows our applicants round-the-clock access to the hiring engine and cuts our recruitment process in half. With the automated scoring and assessment performed online, our hiring personnel can focus more on exploring applicants’ skills and assigning them to appropriate positions.

 Leveraging Technology to Meet Customer Needs

One trick to making customers happy is to use technology to its fullest advantage. One innovative technology is VXI’s Performance Pro 360. PPro is an online coaching tool that consolidates agent performance data into specific, actionable information to help management focus on trending issues as well as assist agents individually. This tool allows supervisors to drill down agent data while receiving recommendations on methods on how to achieve agents’ goals. It also enables electronic documentation of coaching feedback and allows the agent to accept the agreed course of action, thus leaving a digital trail of past performance, agent behavior, and improvement plan.

Keep your contact center state of the art, and upgrade the technology whenever you can. This will help you solve customer problems faster and more effectively, and make sure they’re well taken care of at all times.

 Putting the Customer First

This may seem like a no-brainer, but how often does it happen in customer service? You may have the mantra, “The Customer Is Always Right” on a placard, but do you put in the work to make sure the customer’s needs are being met?

Establish clear goals concerning customer interactions. Here at VXI, agents are trained to determine the problem quickly to find the best solution. You can add your own goals as well, based on what your company does and the customer interactions you’re most likely to have.

Above all, we must make sure that the customer is satisfied at the end of the interaction, and happy with the results. At VXI, we review and examine customer calls to determine what we are doing right and what still needs work. When we use the results of these assessments of customer interactions in combination with outcomes from VXI’s Performance Pro 360, we can put together regular reports showing our strengths and weaknesses. This constant evaluation and analysis allow our agents to continuously improve.

 Training Simulators

The best way for call center representatives to improve is with hands-on experience in the field. However, particularly during the early days, this can involve a lot of trial and error. And errors are something you can’t afford when it comes to customer interactions.

The solution is VXI’s Training Simulator. TSIM is a proprietary tool used to get agents a scenario-based, hands-on experience with client’s calls in a simulated environment. This ensures that agents can take their first “real” call with a comfort level gained from the experience of handling many common support issues and/or sales opportunities before interacting with end-customers. Representatives can interact with simulated customers and help them solve real problems such as they’re likely to encounter in the field. It tests their actions and responses in a variety of different situations, their knowledge of your company and the tools at their disposal, and their ability to adapt to difficult situations. This way, they can hone their skills without any real-world consequences. Then when they’re finally ready, you can put them in the field with confidence.

No matter how well your call center employees are doing, there’s always room for improvement and we hope you find these call center best practices helpful. By always striving for excellence and taking advantage of the tools at your disposal, you can boost customer satisfaction and keep them happy for a long time to come.

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