VXI China’s Remarkable Response to COVID-19

2 minute read, posted on 06/10/2020, by VXI Marketing

VXI China

In early 2020, as the novel coronavirus spread first in China and then around the world, VXI China took the lead preparing our global workforce for the extraordinary situ­ation. VXI China President Charlie Liu as well as VXI Co-Founders David Zhou and Eva Wang formed a work team to address the crisis and also developed communications plan to assure clients, employees, and stakeholders of VXI’s three priorities: employee health, business conti­nuity, and strategic long-term support.

The result was astounding. VXI transitioned 8,000 em­ployees to remote work in days. VXI China’s customer support for our customers barely missed a beat. And VXI China experienced zero Covid-19 cases.

Together. This one word sets the tone for the company’s response to the Covid-19 crisis and guides us today.

Starting in late January 2020, VXI China’s more than 8,000 employees joined hundreds of millions of other Chinese workers transitioning to a work-at-home (WAH) environment. It was the first days of the coronavirus outbreak, and the world had yet to grasp the enor­mity of the pandemic. As 1.4 billion people took the unprecedented step of entering a nationwide lockdown, VXI was already deep into converting our entire workforce to remote workers with minimal business disruption and zero positive Covid-19 cases. Writing the playbook as we went – and focused on safety and business continuity above all else – we transitioned in record time with astounding results.

Our employees rose to the challenge with incredible ingenuity and strength. They volun­teered to take extra shifts. They gathered safety supplies for teammates during their per­sonal time off. They delivered computers to colleagues’ homes and drove each other to and from work. They took extraordinary measures to ensure clients’ needs were met.

Together, they reflected VXI’s corporate values of excellence, agility, teamwork, integrity, and inventiveness like never before. Plus, there’s the astounding fact that no known VXI China employee became sick with Covid-19.

In our next few articles, we will outline several of the factors which led to the company’s success along with lessons learned.

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