VXI China Summit in Wuzhen

2 minute read, posted on 12/16/2020, by VXI Marketing

A group of people sitting in a conference room discussing A West-to-East Partnership.

“Multidimensional Innovation and Excellence” was the theme of the VXI China Summit which was held in the history-rich Wuzhen Town, in Zhejiang Province from October 16 to 18, 2020. Led by VXI China President Charlie Liu and by keynote speaker Hansen Hu, the conference was an informative and colorful event, which VXI China leaders and colleagues attended dressed in the traditional Chinese Hanfu attire. 

Through the course of the summit, a study was held on the competency model of managers, which is shaped by our corporate values of Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Inventiveness and Agility, and how it served as a compass to bravely navigate the pandemic this year. Additional key discussions centered on our Enterprise Management Systems and how to efficiently utilize it moving forward to benefit recruiting and cultivating new talent. Additional topics delivered included VXI’s cloud deployment, and the systematic, granular operations management in the future. 

This event is considered a very fruitful one as VXI attendees left with a better understanding and appreciation of the development blueprint of the enterprise, and learned to embrace innovation. They possess more enthusiasm for their work, with a renewed optimism that they would be able to deal with challenges ahead and write more brilliant and successful new chapters.

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