UPDATE #1: Coronavirus and VXI China

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Coronavirus and VXI China

MARCH 9, 2020


We felt it important to communicate activities and efforts that VXI has been undertaking since the tragic outbreak of COVID-19, or Coronavirus.

VXI has a significant presence in China and quickly felt the repercussions of the virus due to quarantine measures put in place. During January, 100% of our operations were impacted when we were asked to shut down our operation centers with little notice. We were determined to help our clients remain responsive to their customers, and we quickly deployed 30% of our workforce in a work-from-home capacity, keeping our clients’ lines open where possible.

We are happy to announce that 90% of our China workforce has returned to onsite working at VXI facilities. We have strict measures in place to maintain safe environments. Additionally, we are retaining the 30% in a work-from-home capacity. To date, we have not had any employees impacted by the virus. We remain very vigilant in our preventative activities.

Globally, we quickly leveraged our China experience as well as recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) to design the VXI Coronavirus Response Plan which we began executing in late January. With a focus on education, we have provided practical preventative tips to ensure our staff is aware and proactive, acting to significantly reduce the risk of infection. We’ve provided free tools to empower public health safety (i.e. approved masks and hand sanitizer) at each of our facilities.

Following the learnings from our China experience, we have compiled information to prepare us in the very unlikely event of any quarantines in other countries in which we operate. With the successes of our work-from-home strategy, we are examining similar arrangements in each geography/program and, where possible, readying staff to mobilize. This is a complicated effort as many programs have specific IT and operations requirements, however, we are examining all appropriate avenues. Your Client Services team will engage collaboratively with you on BCP/DRP efforts specific to your individual programs.

While we feel strongly that the likelihood of an operational closure is very low and our main focus remains on preventative behavior, we are compelled to let you know that contingency plans are being put in place to handle worst-case scenarios. Our teams will continue to work closely with yours and we will communicate more detailed plans as the situation develops.

We at VXI remain committed to our clients and their customers. We’ve prepared a status report and FAQs. Please reach out to your Client Services partner for any further questions or concerns.

Thank you

David Zhou & Eva Wang
Co-Founders & Co-CEOs



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