VXI Donates 50K Face Masks for Davao City Frontliners, Work-at-Home Kits for Employee

< 1 minute read, posted on 09/01/2020, by VXI Marketing

VXI Donates 50K Face Masks

DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES–VXI Global Solutions, which manages customer experience and interrelated business outcomes, donated 50,000 disposable face masks for COVID-19 frontliners in the city and Work-at-Home kits for employees.

“We would like to take this opportunity to give back to our community by helping out our frontliners who are helping us in the fight against COVID-19,” Senior Site Director Jamie Salazar said.

The face mask donation targets to help frontliners who are helping minimize the spread of COVID-19 infection such as uniformed personnel in checkpoints and health workers in hospitals and quarantine facilities in the city. The local government will lead in the distribution of the face masks.

“We really need proper disposable face masks and not simply the washable ones that we use from day-to-day, now that we are in the lockdown areas,” Col. Consolito Yecla, Commander of Task Force Davao said.

Aside from face masks, VXI also distributed Work-At-Home kits for VXI employees whose work is affected by imposed government restrictions. Included in these kits are computer sets that will allow agents to continue working-at-home.

VXI Donates 50k Face Masks for Davao City Frontliners, Work-at-Home Kits for Employees

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