VXI Frontliners: Everyday Heroes & Business Continuity Champions

4 minute read, posted on 09/01/2020, by VXI Marketing

A team of VXI call center employees wearing protective face masks while working

In times of crisis, some individuals will go above and beyond to earn a living for their families, and at the same time help others earn a living.  While VXI created the solutions to allow the company to endure the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals in VXI all over the world banded together to make sure that the procedures are carried out to make business continuity a possibility—so that everyone can continue to take care of their loved ones. There are the stories of our VXI frontliners.


In Guatemala, VXI frontliners and Team Leaders Leonel Chay, and Walter Estrada as well as Subject Matter Experts William Cruz and Victor Aquil led their teams in overcoming challenges brought about by the crisis. Their efforts resulted in their team maintaining site performance and securing recognition as their client’s top third-party vendor for the second straight year. On the Work-at-Home (WAH) front, Director for Client Services Natalia Brol took the lead in getting hundreds of agents set up on WAH by dedicating long hours to securing business continuity while ensuring that everyone in VXI is in constant communication.


To make Work-at-Home (WAH) in Jamaica possible, IT Lead Oscar Kerr and IT Desktop Support Technician Lukeland Stewart worked long hours providing fast and effective solutions in tackling agents’ system issues. Lukeland also developed systems to make sure that employees are set up and able to operate efficiently at home. Senior Training Manager Nordia Howard and Associate Trainer Kaye Jemison meanwhile played vital roles in the launching a new program in the middle of the pandemic. Nordia also led the virtual transformation of her training team that saw its first successful class being able to ‘go live’ and take in calls, while Kaye coached the first batch of agents while managing another batch of agents through virtual training.


Dealing with an economy-crippling Community Quarantine is where VXI leadership in the Philippines sincerely shines. Senior Directors Cyril Almeria, Clarence Sario, Jai Paguirigan, and Sheryll Gomez worked tirelessly to ensure that employees can continue to take care of their families despite the disruption brought about by the pandemic. Associate Director Vincent Sibayan and Senior Training Manager Melody Austria also went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that training new agents can continue.

In the office, Team Lead for Real Estate and Facilities Kris Pogoy ensured that all employees are safe across four sites. Some choose to help however they can their way, like Account Associate Niño Olano who helped shuttle employees from the hotel to work and back without asking for anything in return.

United States

Like Niño, Network Engineer Lasty Kaikhoune sincerely cared. Even if he was not scheduled to be at the Los Angeles site to set up Work-at-Home (WAH) PCs, he came in to help anyway. Software Developers Wei Gao and Bing Kuang (also from the LA site) developed codes that allowed employees virtual system access to aid in the smooth transition to WAH. In Lubbock, Sustainment Officer Veronica Martinez worked diligently to ensure that the agents received all their equipment needed for a successful WAH transition.

The term ‘Frontliners’ often reminds us of healthcare professionals and soldiers responding to emergencies, but during this crisis, frontliners may now refer to anyone who risks their lives to save the lives of others—they are the people of VXI who will put themselves on the line to earn a living for their families, and at the same time help others earn a living. The challenges that we face every day are not exclusive to a country or region but experienced throughout the world—challenges that can make or break a person. But with true spirit and passion for people, we will heal together and get through however tough the times are.

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