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2 minute read, posted on 10/07/2020, by VXI Marketing

A VXI coach and employee sitting at a desk with dual monitors during a training session

In Guatemala, the call center and BPO market can be very competitive. The options are wide and people can choose which company they want to belong to, as long as they can speak English as a second language. So what makes VXI Guatemala different? What makes it stand out in the industry?

The answers are given by Jean-Pierre Wheelock, Site Director of VXI Guatemala. “I am very proud that VXI has managed to implement many measures that separate us from the market. For our associates we have many benefits, including competitive compensation packages, health insurance for them and their families, discounts at universities, spacious and comfortable workspaces, and medical care within our facilities among others.” explains the Site Director.

One of the tools that have been essential to shaping the company’s culture has been the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” from Stephen R. Covey. The book and its accompanying workshop teach us that improvement from within is key to efficiently achieve success.

A culture with a caring mindset and a dedication to excellence also makes a difference. VXI Guatemala is continuously seeking talents that are committed to growing with the desire to build the company. In the past three years, VXI Guatemala has generated over 2,500 jobs which have impacted the same number of Guatemalan families. Additionally, 92% of the site’s leaders were developed within the company.

VXI Guatemala is also part of the Call Centers and BPO Commission in Agexport and is highly invested in the Finishing School program which allows people to develop their language skills, specifically English parallel to the operational skills that are developed in operations.

During the height of COVID-19 lockdowns, VXI Guatemala adapted a work-at-home model in a matter of two to three days. “We managed to ensure the health and economic future of our partners. 90% of our teams work from home and this has also been possible thanks to the excellent IT Team that has managed to find the tools and solutions to maintain an excellent connection,” says Wheelock. With advancements in technology and VXI’s technological expertise, they have secured the jobs of more than 632 collaborators in Guatemala. “We hope that by the end of this year we can open 200 new positions and to feed the right environment for the development and future of employees and the company.”

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