VXI in the Face of the Coronavirus

2 minute read, posted on 09/01/2020, by VXI Marketing


VXI is one of the first companies to learn about the coronavirus and the potential challenges it would create, largely due to VXI China operations. The measures taken in the region helped recognize the urgency of the situation and gave on-shore, nearshore, and offshore operations a head start among other BPOS in making the necessary preparations and contingencies to contend with its impact.

The first decision made was to prioritize the employees’ safety. Groups were created to oversee that safety protocols set by their respective country’s health authorities were meticulously followed and implemented to prevent the spread of the virus. It was also their responsibility to see that these safety measures were being enforced at all times. Business leaders around the globe would regularly meet for updates and see to it that important information is properly cascaded.

In addition to the safety measures, information campaigns were launched through our internal communications channels and social media so that employees would know proper practices such as social distancing and wearing face masks, and what to avoid to ensure they would be able to protect themselves while at work or at home.

Teams were mobilized to rapidly transition the majority of our employees to work at home to fulfill our obligations to our clients and to succeed expectations despite the lockdowns imposed in some regions.

The pandemic has slowed businesses down in the first half of the year, but discipline has set VXI up to be financially resilient and healthy in this time of crisis. Despite the challenging circumstances, VXI was able to gain four new clients and is still looking forward to growth in the second half of 2020.

We are fortunate and proud to work with a fantastic group of leaders. A lot of VXI’s success was made possible because our employees and clients’ needs were prioritized above our own.

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