VXI Receives 2017 Leading Service Provider Award in China

2 minute read, posted on 11/10/2017, by Prateek Hastir

Service Provider

November 07, 2017 8:30 AM China Standard Time

Shanghai, China – VXI Global Solutions, LLC. was recently recognized as a Leading Service Provider in China at the 2017 China Sourcing Summit. VXI, popularly known as Vision X, is known for the largest BPO services footprint and next generation customer experience delivery record in China. The recognition places VXI as a top 10 leading service provider in the country for second year in a row.

Organized by the China Council for international Investment Promotion (CCIIP), and under the motto of Constructing New Eco for Sourcing to Promote New Economic Development, the China Sourcing Summit took place on September 28-29 at the Hangzhou Dragon Hotel, with the support of IDC and Gartner. Over 100 attendees from outsourcing service providers, industry associations, technology service providers, and analyst firms attended the 2-day event to learn more about competitiveness of Chinese enterprise, the ability to explore the international market, the Chinese market segment, and the ability of the enterprise to innovate within the local market.

“We are very excited to have received this important award that affirms VXI as a leader in China’s business services industry, thanks to the technology solutions and best in class customer experience services that we deliver locally.” stated Eva Wang, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of VXI. She added that “China has been a strategic part of our operations since 2001, and will continue to grow as we bring more digital transformation solutions to help businesses deliver a more connected, engaged and seamless experience”.

About VXI Global Solutions 
With more than 28,000 employees across 42 delivery centers, VXI Global Solutions is a leader in customer experience management, operations management and digital IT solution. Established in 1998, the company delivers business services and technology solutions tailored for clients to deliver superior customer experience (CX). With a diverse workforce and customer experience centers in North and Latin America, Caribbean, Europe and Asia Pacific, VXI drives high Net Promoter Score (NPS) through its unified digital service strategy, customer management solutions and proprietary productivity/efficiency-enhancing technology platform.

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