VXI Safety in the Workplace – A Visual Tour!

3 minute read, posted on 04/03/2020, by VXI Marketing

Social Distance at VXI

Enforced social distancing. Separated workstations. Mandatory face masks. Temperature checks for all employees. Nightly deep cleanings. Here is a visual tour of some of the VXI safety steps taken.

To guarantee a safe working environment at VXI,  we enforce the VXI’s 10-Point Safety Plan.  We remain open because we provide “Essential Infrastructure” services. We also want to ensure our agents can continue earning income. We understand some may not feel comfortable coming to work, they won’t lose their job. We are rapidly migrating to work-at-home environments. Our goal is to KEEP OUR EMPLOYEES SAFE!

Every Night a Deep Clean. A Clean & Santizied Workstation

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Disinfecting Our Workplace

VXI Cleaning between Shifts

Thermal Scanning to Enter a VXI FacilityThermal Scanning at VXI


THANK YOU to Hundreds of People Cleaning Our Facilities Every Day

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Take Me Away to Sanitation Island

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No. 1 Priority Is the Well-Being of Our Workforce

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Keeping You Safe in the Philippines

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Social Distance (Check Out the Tape on the Floor)

Social Distance at VXI


Lunchroom in Mid-March – At VXI, Faces Masks Are Now Mandatory

VXI Lunchroom 2020



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